How To Add GDPR/CCPA Compliant Banner To Your Online Store Using Shopify Customer Privacy App

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If you are looking for an app to gives you and your customers more control over how you collect and share personal data, Customer Privacy will help you do that. With this app, you stay current with requirements of privacy and data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in addition to building trust with your customers. Let’s install and refer to this great app.


To install this app, first, you have to log in Shopify apps store, find the Customer Privacy app, and click Add appInstall or you can click the Install icon above.

There are 2 features that you can start with: add a GDPR consent banner for European customers and add a CCPA information page for California customers.

Let’s choose and start setup:

Add GDPR consent banner for European customers

This item will help manage how you ask your customers about data sharing on your online store. Your privacy banner will only appear once you’ve enabled tracking of customers from Europe. To enable it, go to your online store preferences.

When you activate this feature on your online store, you can customize the show privacy banner on your online store or disable the banner if you don’t want to show it anymore. You can choose a light mode or dark mode to appearance that banner and content, banner description. 

Add CCPA information page for California customers

In this item, you can add a customer privacy opt-out page and link to your online store. To activate CCPA, complete the checklist. After that, click the Activate icon. The Opt-out page is prefilled with all the details required under CCPA. You can edit the copy or revert changes back to the original version by clicking the Add icon. 

By adding this app, you can edit, customize, and configure your privacy settings right from your online store settings. In other words, this gives you full control, without having to leave the Shopify platform. Quickly enable or disable the app’s settings, or edit any other details in a matter of minutes. Select the privacy experience that you want to publish and edit the prefilled content and appearance to fit the look and feel of your store.

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