7+ of the Best Shopify Call Center Apps

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Did you know that majority of customers are disappointed with how hard it is to contact brands in case of an issue or simply a question? That means abandoned carts and lower order value. What’s even more important 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. That’s why you should have a call center or contact center to support the customer. There are Shopify apps that help you implement contact center / call center on your Shopify store.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Call Center / Contact Center Apps:

1. Phone Number & Calls Toll Free

This app allows you to protect your privacy and improve communications with your customers. It provides you with a toll-free phone number that makes your store look more professional and allows for direct communications with current and future customers.

The app lets you pick a phone number that you can safely put on on your store which acts as a proxy between your customers and your personal phone number.

Providing a toll-free contact number makes your store look professional and lets customers know that you are a real store, run by real people.

The app puts you in charge of your schedule. All calls and text messages are routed transparently from the customer via your store phone number to your personal phone number. You can set a forwarding schedule and have full control over when during the day you want to be available and when you rather have the voicemail system answer incoming calls.

You can receive and respond to text messages when is convenient for you and keep your customers up to date about e.g. the status of an order or the availability of a particular product.


2. EasyCall ‑ Phone Number & Call

EasyCall is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to create a call center- for customer support, sales or any other objective. Your customers will now be able to call you with just a single click.

You can use EasyCall’s advanced web based solution to allow customers to call without the need to pay for a phone number. Remove customer’s fear of international call fees with this web to web solution. Soon you’ll also be able to get phone number through the app.

You can connect your different devices to receive push notifications whenever you are not logged in to the dashboard, to never miss a call. You also can connect phone number to receive calls as a regular phone call and start manging incoming calls.


3. This Call Button (Call Center)

This Call Button not only empowers your customers to call your phone very easily, and also empowers you to call your customer even easier.

This Call Button helps you to track every incoming / outgoing call in the best possible manner. This information can later be used for building trust between you and your customers, and for marketing purposes. So what are the tools to help?

  • This Call Button connects your Shopify customer database – When a customer calls, or you call them, a record will be created in the app dashboard, you know who, you have the call recordings, write down some comments on the calls, so that you can set a follow up schedule.
  • Call Bookings – Your customers are able to submit a call booking when you missed the call. You will receive the form on the app dashboard, you open the form, a single click to call your customers, and write down the important notes and setup a follow up schedule.
  • Voice Mail – Your customers are able to leave a voice message when the call has no answers. You can listen to the message and follow up accordingly.
    ThisCallButton is a complete contact center solution.


4. trunkd Click‑to‑Call

trunkd Click-to-Call is easy to use and sets up in minutes. When you’re done, you can start receiving calls from customers directly on your web store. It works on any desktop, laptop or mobile phone and the customer won’t incur any long distance charges – from anywhere in the world.

Once you register and verify your phone number, anytime someone clicks your Click-to-Call icon, it’ll connect you directly to them. No worrying about bad connections, as the app uses the connection method with the best call quality. In addition, your customer won’t know the phone number they’re calling, so if you’ve set it to your mobile phone number, they’ll never know.


5. Support Guru ‑ Click To Call

Support Guru Derive your sales via calls, this will help the both customer and agent to get satisfied and proper information of product before buying.

Users can connect with support very easily with one click on Widget. They don’t need to share their mobile number. Since Support Guru Widget makes calls using Internet to the agent phone number from any where in the globe so you don’t need to worry about charges.


  • Widget configuration – Create widget based on the website color or theme and select desired icon.
  • Web to Phone Call – Receive Calls on your registered phone number from web (Internet).
  • International Calls – Receive the calls from any where in the world to your phone number.
  • Click To Call – Publish your widget to your store and start receiving the calls from widget in a single click.
  • Multiple Caller Id and Agent Id Number – Register multiple caller id and the agent id for the receiving and making the calls from widget.
  • Call Analytics – Get all of the call history into a single dashboard, so that you can analyse how many calls you received, missed and completed successfully.
  • Call recordings – Play the recordings between individual leads and agents.


6. CallGator ‑ Instant Calls


  • InstaCall Technology: CallGator automatically calls your sales manager and the customer. It connects them in a single line
  • Scheduled calls: If the customer doesn’t have enough time to talk now, he can order a callback for afterward. He will choose the day and time that suits him best. CallGator makes sure you connect at the specific time he desired
  • Out of office mode: CallGator widget operates even when you’re resting. Many customers see your website after working hours and therefore do not decide to contact. We will automatically connect them with your sales supervisors when they get back to the office
  • Call recording: How often have you neglected to write an info a customer told you? Or perhaps you didn’t make the purchase and wondered why? Recording calls can help you cope with these difficulties
  • Mobile Widget: Our widget looks clean on all major platforms including mobile, tablet, and full screens
  • Reports: We would like you to understand how precisely how successful is CallGator and what revenue it brings. Due to precise analyzes and reports, you’ll learn about the effectiveness of your sales staff


7. Channels ‑ your new phone

This app is a data-driven phone system that lets you know exactly who’s calling so you’re always prepared. You can build your contact center in less than 5 minutes and improve your results right away.


  • Domestic and International phone numbers
  • Free incoming calls
  • Click to Call Widget
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Call recordings
  • Call forwarding
  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Call analytics and reporting


8. Live Chat Alternative

The Live Chat Alternative app is a unique live chat alternative that offers your shoppers to call and message you with just a click and free of charge! It will boost your service, sales & conversion rate and keep your customers happy.


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