The Best Creating Flexible Sections Apps for Shopify

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Sections are modular components of a Shopify theme that you can customize in the Shopify Theme Editor. Sections contain content and settings for specific areas of a Shopify store. With the launch of Online Store 2.0, you don’t need to use page builders anymore. Sections can now be used as the primary way to organize all the different aspects of your store.

Shopify themes include only a limited number of sections. If you are technical or have a custom developer at your disposal, you can create more custom sections to your requirements. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify apps that solve this problem!

Here is a list of the free and premium Creating Flexible Sections apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Sections Anywhere

Customize any page, product, collection, or blog post on your website with the Sections Anywhere app! Easily add your theme’s sections, images, video, slideshows, or any HTML content to individual pages, products, collections, and even blog posts. With just a few clicks, your store will be sporting fresh content to delight both customers and search engines.


2. Dingo: 200+ Sections

Dingo is a collection of more than 200+ custom sections for any Shopify theme that supports sections. The growing list of sections covers all of the elements you need to build your Shopify store.

Dingo Section Library currently includes the following categories:

  • About: 24 Sections
  • Contacts: 11 Sections
  • Cover: 17 Sections
  • Direct Speech: 6 Sections
  • Features: 18 Sections
  • Image: 8 Sections
  • Impact Phrase: 11 Sections
  • Partners: 2 Sections
  • Services: 15 Sections
  • Team: 11 Sections
  • Text: 26 Sections
  • Title: 8 Sections
  • FAQ: 7 Sections


3. Sections Pro

Sections pro is an application that helps you quickly add the available sections on your themes to product pages, collection pages, single pages, etc.

You only need to go to the Shopify backend and Customize your live theme. Then please select any pages (product page, post page, single page, etc) and click the “Add section”. After that, select any section you want. Finally, the section is ready to use.


4. Ultimate Sections

Ultimate Sections allows adding beautiful sections to your theme:

  • Gallery
  • Collection
  • FAQs
  • Brand
  • Infobox
  • Heading
  • Space


5. Flexi Sections

Flexi Section is a simple app that allows you to insert relevant content on individual product pages, by combining content sections with whatever conditional rules you want to apply. Present the exactly relevant content on each product page – without the hassle of tedious merchandising for hours.


6. SectionJoy: Theme Sections

Section Factory is a market for unique Shopify theme sections, designed by experienced web developers. Add the ones you like to your store, and start editing directly from Shopify’s theme editor. No expensive app page builders are needed.

With SectionJoy you can create stunning, fast-loading, Shopify native storefronts. All without hiring expensive developers.


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