5+ Best Shopify Pinterest Feed Apps

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If you want to add a pin gallery to your Shopify store or display any content from Pinterest at all, these Shopify apps have got your back.

Here are the best Pinterest Feed apps for your Shopify store in 2024:

1. Pinterest Feed Gallery

Pinterest Feed App makes it possible for you to display all of your Pinterest posts in a fluid mosaic board. You can create multiple boards of different collections and be able to add products to each post that will be featured when a user clicks on your post.


2. Pinterest Feed Ninja

Pinterest Feed Ninja app provides a platform where store owners can interact with users through their own stores or websites. It shows Pinterest profile, board and pins which allows to promote store products, offers, sales etc.


3. Pinterest Feed

Pinterest app provides you with the option to attract sales by showcasing your offers and portfolios through a Pinterest photo on your website. Create theme collections of photos with your works or latest trends to make people inspired to buy.


4. PinterestFeed by TechnologyMin

Take a step forward to connect with your customers easily. Be more socially upgraded! Whether you want to enhance your brand presence across the digital platforms or showcase your Pinterest photos on your store with just a few clicks, PinterestFeed by TechnologyMindz app is programmed to do the needful for you.

PinterestFeed by TechnologyMindz app can put together splendid design elements and give a nice layout to the user interfaces. The app lets you to connect your customers with your brand oShopify r store by displaying the real photos straight from your Pinterest account.

The features and benefits of this app are elaborated as follows:

  • PinterestFeed by TechnologyMindz app is cross browser compatible & comes with a flexible configuration
  • It’s auto update feature displays real-time photographs from your Pinterest account.
  • Fetched Pinterest photos can be used as a Social gallery & arranged anywhere on your webpage.
  • It’s Slideshow Feed Layout lets you to put together the feed anyplace on your website in a grid as well as a slideshow format.
  • It’s Premade amazing templates provide you various design styles & layouts
  • The PinterestFeed by TechnologyMindz app is fully customizable to suit all your brand requirements.
  • You can share your updates with friends & followers letting them help you spread the word on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Email.

Overall, it’s a perfect tool/ app for enhancing your brand presence on any digital/ online platform. Now, instead of letting your customers scroll through separate platforms, make your brand more collaborative; get updated feeds on your website via PinterestFeed by TechnologyMindz app from website. All this and a lot more comes just by integrating the plugin for PinterestFeed by TechnologyMindz. It’s easily accessible to users or brands and is hassle-free.


5. POWR Facebook Feed + Pinterest

This app will automatically add any fresh content from your social media accounts directly to your site in a beautiful, customizable gallery! It is easy to install. Click on the “Add app” button on this page to install the app. Create your Facebook or Pinterest Feed and add it to any page on your Shopify site.


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