The Best Shopify Apps For Bulk Price Editor

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Setting up discount codes and changing product prices by hand is tedious and time-consuming. Bulk price editor gives you a powerful toolset to automate these tasks and to spend more time on the important parts of running your business. Merchants love it because it saves them so much time. How about you? Let’s refer to these apps to have the best correct answer.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for bulk price editor in 2024:

1. Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

Bulk Price Editor/Price Change is a Shopify App that can be used to easily change the price (and the compare at price shown with a strike through it) of many products at the same time. It gives you the ability to pick out a group of products and perform a price increase, price decrease, temporary sale, and much more. The app allows you to run, schedule, and revert price change jobs. You can set jobs to change product prices using several different methods and can use filters to only change the prices of certain products.


2. T2 Pro Bulk Price Editor

T2 Pro Bulk Price Editor is a professional-grade app designed to help you edit product prices fast and accurately with great features as Powerful Filters, Flexible Price Configurator, Run Real-time, or Schedule for Future, Rollback Anytime, Double Check Mechanism, Monitor Everything, User-Friendly Design. This is an app that is designed to be budget-friendly while offering a great experience. Give Pro Bulk Price Editor a try now.


3. Bulk Price Editor

Bulk Price Editor is a simple and reliable tool to change prices for multiple products easily. Forget manual updates and messing up with CSVs. Specify the change you want to make, select collections or products, and the programmer will handle the rest. And don’t worry – they make a backup for every change. If you changed your mind – you can roll back any change literally in 1 click.

Great Features:

  • Easily update PRICE and COMPARE AT PRICE for multiple products
  • Apply changes to the whole store, selected collections, or products
  • Rollback changes in 1 click
  • The app does not require any code changes
  • No programming skills are needed
  • Change prices for up to 300 products per minute


4. Rubix Bulk Price Editor

This app aims to make your time more productive. It helps you to update your desired product’s price in bulk, schedule sales campaigns, change prices, flash sales, and create any product discount for your store. This app could be very useful if you have many items or products in your store and have to change the price permanently or temporarily because you can undo all your changes with just one click.


5. Bulk Price Editor & Discounts

Smart Bulk Price Editor is a fast solution to editing ‘Price’ and Compare at price in BULK for your Shopify store with new features as:

  • Discount scheduling – Schedule time, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly recurring price updates with automatic rollback.
  • Simplified discount option – Achieve a sale price in one step.
  • Update prices based on Cost Price – Be in control of your Margins and Profits.
  • Price rounding – round your prices to the nearest decimal or whole number.


6. Simple Bulk Price Editor

This app was created to provide a tool that allows users to update the prices of their products in bulk. It allows you to make changes easily, while still providing the flexibility you need to customize your price changes and apply them to a distinct selection of products.


7. Flexible Bulk Price Editor

The most convenient and intuitive interface of the application lets you filter out the necessary goods by 36 conditions, check the products on the downloadable list, and change the price, margin, or extra charges, even for individual product options. You can select products by a specific tag and change the price only for items which shelf stock is below a certain value.

Great Features:

  • The app does not require any code changes or programmer’s work
  • Save your time when managing prices!
  • One-click installation
  • No programming skills needed


8. Thamilinfo‑ Bulk price update

This is an app that helps you update the prices of your products in bulk. With the best great features, it helps you waste time, save money and focus on the important things to develop your business.

Great features:

  • Increase or decrease price
  • Review edits before confirmation
  • Unlimited bulk edits with the basic plan 


9. Intelligent Price Editor

Pricing is important, but it’s still hard to manage it. Intelligent Price Editor is an app that can save lots of your time and give you insight into how to price and what to price. Update the sale prices for specific products and restore original prices automatically.


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