4 Great Apps to Bring Halloween Effects on Your Shopify Store

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Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on the night of 31st October. When it comes to total sales, Halloween is very close to Christmas. You won’t believe that most candy is sold on this festival. If so, how the web could be left behind for this special occasion! Almost everyone is now planning to add different kinds of Halloween effects to their sites so as to get their loving visitors ready for the “online trick or treat”.

To help you get your online store ready for Halloween festival, we’ve collected 4 best Shopify apps that you can use to add different types of Halloween effects to your site. We’re sure you’ll find each app in this list cute and catchy!

Let’s watch out them for trick and treat!

1. Snowfall Effect by Anh Kiet


This app provides 2 very nice effects for Halloween: Halloween Flying Bats and Identified Flying Objects.

  • Halloween Flying Bats: This effect will add some flying bats on your Shopify store. (Demo)
  • Identified Flying Objects: This effect allows you choose some flying object on your Shopify store as: ghost, witch, jack o’lantern, pumpkin,… (Demo)

In future, this app will add new more effects for all seasons or holidays of year.

2. Halloween


With this app, the main pages of your store will show an amazing Halloween decoration and pumpkins and bats falling through the screen. Optionally, scary music and sounds will also be played in the background. The animations are integrated into your store without interfering with its navigation and functionality. It compliments every background or colour scheme.

Thanks to its responsive design, it runs smoothly on mobile and tablet devices.

3. Halloween Day Celebration


With this app, the main pages of your store will be garnished with decorations falling through the screen and you can choose which decorations will fall throughout the store from dashboard settings. In addition, you can to choose which decorations will be shown in header and footer.

4. Animify – Storefront Animation


Once the app gets installed the front look of your Storefront will be vivid: floating icons will attract your customers. You can add the flying objects are nicely animated for Halloween effect as: ghost, jack o’lantern, pumpkin…

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