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Welcome to our definitive guide to the “Top 8+ Shopify Tax Apps” that will revolutionize the way you handle taxes in your e-commerce business. As an online retailer, staying compliant with tax regulations while ensuring a smooth shopping experience for your customers is crucial. But fret not, because we’ve meticulously handpicked and reviewed the best Shopify tax apps available. From automated tax calculations and real-time rate updates to simplified reporting and seamless integrations, these apps are tailored to ease the burden of tax management, regardless of your business size. Get ready to take your Shopify store to new heights of efficiency and accuracy with these game-changing tax apps.

Here is the list of the best Shopify tax apps in 2024:

1. TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

TaxJar is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking impeccable sales tax compliance, seamlessly automating sales tax calculations and filing procedures. Acknowledging the pivotal role of tax payment in e-commerce, this app takes the complexity out of the equation, relieving you of the burden of tedious tasks. This cutting-edge platform ensures precise sales tax rate calculations, effortless product classification, and streamlined multi-state filing management. Built with modern architecture, TaxJar boasts unrivaled performance, reliability, and adaptability, empowering your business to scale and thrive with utmost ease. Say goodbye to tax-related worries and embrace a future of tax management excellence with TaxJar at your side.

Pricing: From $19/month. 30-day free trial.

Rating: 3.3


2. Tax Rex ‑ US Sales Tax Reports

Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with Tax Rex, the leading automated US State sales tax return reporting solution for your eCommerce store. Seamlessly generate comprehensive and easy-to-file reports tailored to your Nexus, ensuring flawless sales tax compliance across every state in the USA. Tax Rex is your reliable partner on Shopify, streamlining the process of creating and filing Sales Tax reports effortlessly. With Shopify’s automated sales tax calculations at checkout, this app efficiently generates reports based on the taxes already collected, simplifying your tax management journey. Whether filing independently or with expert tax advisors, Tax Rex empowers you to navigate the complexities of sales tax with utmost confidence and ease.

Pricing: From $5/month. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.7


  • Sales Tax reports based on jurisdiction for which tax was collected in Shopify
  • Timely report generation and filing ability
  • Simplified tax reports & filing across multiple Shopify stores
  • Ability to Ignore orders imported from Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc
  • Generate and provide you with reports that are ready for Filing


3. Zonos Duty and Tax

Elevate your global business endeavors with Zonos, the epitome of professional cross-border tax compliance. Seamlessly collect duties and taxes at checkout, boasting guaranteed landed cost calculations, including IOSS and UK VAT remittance. Embrace international expansion while mitigating abandoned carts and rejected packages. Provide your global customers an unparalleled shopping experience by enabling upfront payment of duties, taxes, and fees, granting them cost transparency and expediting customs clearance. Zonos transforms cross-border selling into an effortless journey, featuring automated tax compliance, VAT threshold monitoring, in-country tax registration and remittance (UK VAT, IOSS, etc.), and seamless reconciliation. Empower your business to thrive on the global stage with Zonos as your trusted partner.

Pricing: From $2,500/year. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.8


  • Zonos pays the duty and tax bill — No need to reconcile or dispute carrier bills
  • Zonos remits VAT for you — No need to register for IOSS or obtain a UK VAT ID
  • Connect your own carrier accounts for complete control of your shipping rates
  • Carrier import fee discounts — Up to 50% off advancement fees (UPS, DHL, FedEx)
  • Easily create compliant cross-border labels with pre-filled customs paperwork


4. Quaderno ‑ Taxes Automation

As an ambitious entrepreneur, your passion lies in driving business growth and delighting customers, not drowning in the complexities of accounting. The burden of grappling with diverse tax laws, assembling accurate invoices, and maintaining meticulous records for prolonged periods can be overwhelming. That’s where Quaderno comes to the rescue! Entrust this app with all your tax compliance worries, invoicing intricacies, bookkeeping tasks, and tax filings. In return, unlock unparalleled benefits: Amplified time and resources to wholeheartedly dedicate to your business expansion and customer satisfaction. Empower yourself with Quaderno and embrace a streamlined, headache-free path to success.

Pricing: From $49/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5.0


5. Hurdlr ‑ Expense Tracker

Welcome to Hurdlr, the quintessential expense tracking tool crafted for savvy sellers seeking streamlined efficiency without the complexities of an extensive accounting system. Experience unparalleled convenience as Hurdlr effortlessly monitors your Shopify earnings, expenses, and tax deductions in real-time, empowering you to make data-driven decisions on the go. By seamlessly linking your Shopify account to Hurdlr, you unlock a world of possibilities, saving valuable time and optimizing your profits in a matter of seconds. Embrace the power of simplicity and take control of your financial journey with Hurdlr at your side.

Pricing: Free plan available

Rating: 4.4


  • Get your profit, in real-time, after expenses and taxes
  • Track every expense, and never miss a deduction
  • Know the taxes you owe and when to pay


6. Tax Exempt Manager

Unlock a seamless B2B sales experience while effortlessly complying with intricate tax regulations through Tax Exempt Manager. Within the EU, streamline cross-border deliveries to companies, benefiting from tax exemptions in the country of origin, and subjecting VAT to the country of destination under the buyer’s responsibility (reverse charge). Outside the EU, enjoy tax-free sales, yet ensure VAT payment in the destination country. Additionally, cater to sales outside the EU by providing essential proof of goods exported to third countries. Navigate the complexities of EU tax compliance with confidence when serving B2B customers, thanks to the robust capabilities of our Tax Exempt Manager. Elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and compliance today.

Pricing: $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 3.1


  • Tax-exempt manager allows you to automatically deduct VAT IDs for customers
  • Show your customers duties, taxes, and fees in advance and list VAT IDs in orders
  • VAT numbers are checked via VIES (EU database) & can be printed on invoices.
  • TEM enables customizable order & customer tagging, text, and discount codes.
  • Install the app fast and easily in your store and integrate marketplaces.


7. Sidr ‑ Sales Tax Report Filing

Welcome to Sidr Tax, where accuracy meets efficiency in US sales tax reporting and automated filing. Say goodbye to tax return headaches as Sidr Tax swiftly generates comprehensive reports and seamlessly files them with state websites. Connecting effortlessly to your Shopify stores, Sidr Tax meticulously prepares reports based on the actual tax collected, providing you with interactive dashboards, trend analysis, and transaction look-up features. Easily access your filing history and enjoy peace of mind as all your sales tax obligations are met on time, hands-free. Alternatively, opt for these precise reports if you prefer to file yourself. Experience the epitome of hassle-free sales tax compliance with Sidr Tax today.

Pricing: Free plan available. 15-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0


  • Autofile: Fully automate your sales tax filing and always stay on schedule.
  • Accurate Refund Handling: Manual order adjustments and partial refunds are handled.
  • Accurate Tax Reports: Sales tax calculations are always up-to-date and export ready.
  • Analytics: Dashboard to track sales and tax across all states.


8. LOVAT Compliance

Introducing LOVAT, your ultimate global VAT/Sales Tax liability software. Stay ahead of the game with effortless reporting to relevant tax authorities. As a business owner, the burden of navigating complex taxes and ever-changing regulations can be draining and time-consuming. LOVAT is cutting-edge online tax compliance software designed specifically for e-commerce, utilizing advanced deep-tech technology to track regulatory changes, systematize reporting, and maintain comprehensive, auditable records. Experience the epitome of simplicity as LOVAT empowers any user to manage their company’s VAT and sales tax reporting liabilities effortlessly. With an intuitive interface and seamless online solutions, conquer tax challenges within minutes. Embrace efficiency and precision with LOVAT today.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0


  • Upload your Shopify sales data and check your tax obligations.
  • Correct tax determination for any location.
  • Online calculation, preparation, and submission of VAT/Sales Tax/EPR reports.
  • Work with tax authorities of 111 countries.
  • Assistance with VAT/Sales Tax/EPR registrations, payments, and tax audits.



In conclusion, the realm of e-commerce taxation has been significantly revolutionized by the Top 8+ Shopify Tax Apps. These exceptional tools have proven to be indispensable assets for online retailers worldwide, simplifying the complex landscape of tax management. From automated tax calculations and seamless integration with Shopify stores to ensuring compliance with ever-evolving tax regulations, these apps have excelled in streamlining operations and elevating business efficiency. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established enterprise, these handpicked tax apps offer unrivaled solutions for accurate reporting, tax compliance, and financial optimization. Embrace the power of these cutting-edge Shopify Tax Apps and propel your online business toward a future of success and prosperity.

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