10+ Necessary Shopify Apps For Your Online Jewelry Stores

Hura Product Showcase Builder

Doing business on the Shopify platform is a smart choice for businesses intending to sell jewelry. They realize that instead of wasting effort and precious time going to physical stores, customers can conveniently choose products through online shopping. It can be said that this is one of the potential fields as more and more online stores are being developed and expanded.

However, how to build a standout Shopify jewelry store compared to competitors and attract customers remains a challenge for entrepreneurs. In addition to preparing the appropriate knowledge and business strategy, setting up a store with all the necessary features is equally important. So what are the Shopify apps for online jewelry stores? What features are needed to help you deliver the perfect overall shopping experience for your customers? Let’s explore Shopify apps for online jewelry stores to create a unique imprint for your business in a fiercely competitive market.

The Best Shopify Apps For Your Online Jewelry Stores

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for your online jewelry store in 2024:

1. Hura Product Showcase Builder

Hura Product Showcase Builder is an application that allows you to showcase your jewelry products flexibly on your website. It helps you display jewelry collections in grid, list, or slider modes. You can add products anywhere on your website, whether it’s a product detail page, blog post, index page, or a dedicated product introduction page.

By leveraging this application, you can effectively promote your beautiful jewelry items to regular visitors who interact with your blog or website.

Adding the Hura Product Showcase Builder app to your Shopify jewelry store can significantly enhance your online presence and increase sales. Hura Product Showcase Builder is an ideal and mobile-friendly tool, so customers can view your products on any device.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • No coding required
  • Work with any themes
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Compatible with all browsers


Hura Product Showcase Builder App

2. GG Product Page Image Slider

The image slider is an essential feature for online stores, especially jewelry websites. This feature allows you to display product images on the same slide on your website.

Image sliders are used to introduce new jewelry products, best-selling items, or promotions. For jewelry stores, customers are often overwhelmed by too many product images. Displaying products in slide format through the GG Product Page Image Slider app will help highlight images and attract more customer attention. This app replaces your product page gallery with a highly customizable slider. You can add image galleries to your product page with just one click. Now, your customers can navigate more easily and view images as well as videos of jewelry models in the slider, image grid, or carousel.


  • Easy install – choose the best image layout for your product page image gallery
  • Customize – select carousel type, arrows, colors, thumbs, video player & zoom
  • Optimized for Mobile – swipe Product Images and Video just as in Instagram
  • Variant Images – show images of the selected variant only
  • Rich Media support – play product videos and show product 3D models in AR


GG Product Page Image Slider App

3. Boost AI Search & Filter

Boost AI Search & Filter is an indispensable application for an online jewelry store. For jewelry stores, there are too many diverse styles to meet every customer’s aesthetic needs. However, this can also be a hindrance for customers as they try to find the jewelry they need. This app will streamline the shopping process by providing quick and highly relevant search results through AI technology, thereby enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates. Not only that, this app also helps suggest and assist shoppers in discovering their next favorite products, thereby increasing the average order value (AOV) by encouraging additional purchases. The app also contributes to creating visual appeal for the store with advanced sales tools, ensuring an attractive and visually appealing shopping environment.

Overall, the Boost AI Search & Filter app significantly enhances the performance, efficiency, and attractiveness of the online jewelry store, making it an essential tool for maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.


  • AI-powered search bar: search suggestion, typo tolerance, AI synonyms, stopwords
  • Various recommendation settings in the home, collection, product & cart pages.
  • Visual merchandising tools with a pin, boost, demote & hide product strategy.
  • Custom product filter w/ unlimited Filter options: tag, metafield, variant, etc.
  • Insightful analytics with detailed collection filter & search behavior report.


Boost AI Search & Filter App

4. Mailchimp: Email Marketing

Email marketing is an integral part of the marketing strategy for online jewelry stores. It is an effective tool for maintaining relationships with current and potential customers. You can use this Mailchimp app to create email templates to collect emails from customers and send email marketing to promote new jewelry collections, promotions, brand news, or other notifications to your customers. Furthermore, with the ability to track and analyze performance, this app provides deep insights into how customers interact with your messages, thereby improving marketing strategies and optimizing the business performance of the store.

This excellent app helps you create highly converting emails with countless ready-made templates and drag-and-drop builders. Integrate this app now to grab more customer attention and increase repeat sales.


  • Launch email automation like abandoned cart, welcome, and re-engage customers.
  • Make AI-powered improvements to your copy and imagery with content optimizer.
  • Leverage insights powered by data from millions of campaigns in your industry.
  • Pop-up forms and landing pages come pre-built and ready to publish in seconds.


Mailchimp: Email Marketing App

5. Loox ‑ Product Reviews App

For high-value products like jewelry, product reviews can significantly impact customer purchasing decisions. Most first-time visitors to your store often have the habit of previewing reviews to assess the credibility of your store and the quality of the products you sell. Product reviews help you gather feedback about your store and products, while also providing customers with valuable information when considering a purchase. This is also a way to promote your brand without spending a lot of money. You can use the Loox – Product Reviews app to help display and manage customer reviews. This app is one of the necessary Shopify apps for your online jewelry stores. Loox is an excellent social proof solution that builds trust and boosts sales. This app helps automatically collect product reviews with photos and videos, displaying them on fully customizable widgets without slowing down your website. The Loox – Product Reviews App not only helps you display customer reviews but also provides you with a basis to improve your products to enhance quality to the highest possible standard to bring them to your customers.


  • Collect product reviews on auto-pilot with customized emails and review form
  • Offer customers a next-purchase discount for adding a photo or video to reviews
  • Beautiful widgets that match your brand including carousels, pop-ups, and badges
  • Sync reviews to and from shop app, and to Meta Shops, Google Shopping & Search
  • Drive even more sales with one-click referrals and social proof upsells


Loox ‑ Product Reviews App

6. qikify Upsell Bundle, Discount

Upsell is a feature that allows stores to suggest higher-end jewelry items, helping increase sales by encouraging customers to upgrade or purchase higher-value products. Meanwhile, Cross Sell offers additional or related products, increasing the order value by promoting more purchases.

qikify Upsell & Cross Sell helps you maximize revenue with quantity discounts, product bundling, and BOGO. With this app, you can easily create cart upsells with just one click, upsell items, quantity discounts; cross-sell with product bundling, buy X get Y, BOGO,… With full customization control over pre-designed templates, you can creatively increase jewelry store revenue and customer AOV.


  • Product Upsell: Upsurge, volume discount – encourage customers to buy more
  • Cross-sell: Buy X Get Y (BOGO), product bundle
  • Cart Upsell: Cart value goal, free shipping goal, upsell pop-up in cart page
  • Real-time analytics: Provide insights to optimize your discount campaigns
  • Multiple layouts and combinable with Shopify native discounts


qikify Upsell Bundle, Discount

7. Wishlist Plus

Imagine your customers visiting your store to browse through their favorite jewelry designs but for some reason, they haven’t made a purchase decision yet. They want to save these products to buy them later. Wishlist Plus is an app that helps customers do just that. When customers add products to their Wishlist, they can easily come back and review those products without having to search for them again on the website. This app comes with powerful event-triggered email campaigns and open APIs to customize the wishlist feature for your target audience. Enhance customer retention through the customer wishlists feature (without requiring login). Additionally, the feature to share wishlists via email, text messages, and social media helps indirectly promote your products.


  • Seamlessly integrates with your Shopify theme. Get going in less than 5 mins.
  • Send email alerts for low-stock, restock, and price drops of wishlist items.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by enabling shoppers to save products for later.
  • Allow customers to share wishlists via email, text message, and social media.


Wishlist Plus App

8. ShipAid ‑ Shipping Guarantee

Jewelry is a high-value product and it needs to be shipped to customers safely. Previously, you might have partnered with shipping insurance companies, however, this incurred very high costs and you also didn’t have full control over all processes. To address this issue, the article will suggest for you a self-insured shipping protection policy through the ShipAid – Shipping Guarantee app.

This is a solution for lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed shipments. This app not only helps you create peace of mind when purchasing for customers but also helps you retain profits by providing insurance packages. Moreover, this app also helps you resolve shipping complaints and provides customizable tracking portals and shipping notifications.


  • Keep the premiums you charge your customers at checkout for extra revenue
  • Streamline service with branded Customer Resolution Portal for filing issues
  • Manage delivery issues and decide to reship, refund, or deny with just a click
  • Alleviate Order Anxiety | Custom Shipping Notifications and Tracking Portal
  • All cart types supported + Rebuy, custom installation included in 24hrs or less


ShipAid ‑ Shipping Guarantee App

9. Clyde | Warranty Platform

Some jewelry stores often provide product warranty policies to meet customer needs. These policies include repair, exchange, refund, or selling additional extended warranty packages for jewelry items within a certain period. The Clyde | Warranty Platform app will be an effective tool to help you increase additional income by selling warranty packages.

This app provides the entire extended warranty program for your jewelry store and manages the hardware so you can focus on your customers. Clyde by CoverGenius allows you to add direct call-to-action into the checkout process, offering extended warranty deals for customer purchases. This app provides a comprehensive ownership confirmation platform for customers to submit requests and an overview page for you to view data and control much of the program as desired.


  • Offer customers extended warranty up-sells during and after the purchase flow
  • Receive and process claims without any work on your part
  • Provide peace of mind and increase average order value with no extra effort


Clyde | Warranty Platform

10. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

The Smile.io Loyalty & Rewards app is an essential choice for online jewelry stores looking to build strong customer relationships. With loyalty programs, referrals, and VIP rewards, this app helps increase sales and repeat purchases, saves on acquisition costs, and enhances loyalty to your jewelry brand. Moreover, integrating points-based programs will encourage customers to shop more. Creating a loyalty program with Smile.io only takes a few minutes and does not require coding skills.


  • Customize the rewards launcher, panel, and emails to match your brand aesthetic
  • Encourage repeat purchases by allowing guest shoppers to earn points
  • Integrate with all your favorite apps for email, reviews, and customer service
  • Remind customers of their points & referral link with Nudges to boost engagement


Smile: Loyalty & Rewards App


This article delves deep into providing a comprehensive list of necessary Shopify apps for your online jewelry stores. From store design to increasing conversion rates, each app is presented in detail and with clarity, helping you understand the benefits it brings. By integrating these necessary Shopify apps for your online jewelry stores, you not only save time in managing your business but also can focus more on improving products and interacting with customers. More importantly, using these apps helps you avoid unnecessary costs and ensures that your store operates as efficiently and effectively as possible. Let’s build the most perfect and robust online jewelry store thanks to these great apps.

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