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As we often see, the search icon bars on the stores will help your customers find products quickly. That will help them feel happier and come to a purchase decision faster. However, in the past, searching was only supported by text input. Searching through a conventional text search method is quite hectic and time taking. Sometimes you are unable to write exactly what you want. Precisely because of that, applications that help you search by image, visual search were created. The main benefit that these applications bring is to help customers get search results quickly and accurately, bringing a pleasant shopping experience for your customer. Let’s refer to these great apps.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Image Search Apps in 2024:

1. Search Bar & Image Search

Intelligent Search makes searching and navigating the store easy and fun. You can search by text, and if you have the product at sight, simply take a picture of it. And if you don’t, just draw or design the product you want. Intelligent Search will take care and find the most similar items in the store.

Great Features:

  • Search-by-photo: Allows end-users to perform searches inside the store using pictures.
  • Instant text-based search: Just type the name or description of the product and see instantaneously the products that match your search.
  • Creative search: Your customers can now simply draw and design the products they want. Unleash your users’ creativity.
  • Snap the look: Automatic garment detection and recognition for fashion & apparel stores. Allow your visitors to upload pictures of complete looks, and search by every detected item.


2. Search By Image

Search by Image allows your customers to upload the images they have captured from somewhere or downloaded from social media or Google in general, and upload it on the website. The smart AI base search then quickly scans the website catalog and gives the same & similar products in the result. Search by Image claims to present up to 90% accurate image search results! Website visitors mostly want quick results. Searching by Image is more convenient for them instead of typing hassle.

Benefits of the App:

  • 90% Accurate Search by Image ensures 90% accuracy of search results.
  • Easy to Set Up It is easy to set up, i.e. Just integrate into your store and enjoy.
  • SMART AI The Smart AI feature processes your Image and shows the best match(es).
  • Analytics Dashboard Alchemative introduced an Analytics dashboard for customers to see the search frequency of any search.
  • Finding the Right Product The Smart AI feature allows the user to find the exact match of the requested Image. The accuracy rate of Search by Image is 90% which means that it’s highly precise.


3. Simile | Visual Search

Accelerate conversions by providing engaging and advanced ways for customers to search for products they love in your store. Empower customers with the ability to use photos they’ve taken or found through social media to find visually similar products from your product catalog. In addition, you will be able to further enhance your product discovery through advanced filters and fast search results.

Key Benefits: 

  • Improved Conversions
  • AI-Powered Image Detection and Visual Search
  • Easy Setup Without Coding 


4. Visual Search

This is an app that AI-powered image search -show your users the style they search. Writing is a hard, time-consuming task, Visual search is a more natural way to discover products in your store, using AI to reverse image search. your website visitors can upload an image that inspires them (from social feeds, styling articles, or IRL street inspiration) and get visually similar items from your catalog of products.

Key features: 

  • Seamless integration – plug & play
  • No coding needed
  • Fast onboarding
  • Search by image
  • Each search result is searchable
  • Filter results by image’s objects


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