10+ Best Size Chart Apps for Shopify Stores

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Are you running an online clothing store and want to show the sizes of the products that you are selling on your website? Then, you have to look anywhere else. This time, we have collected these fantastic Shopify product size chart apps that help you to create an unlimited number of product size tables for your Shopify-powered website.

These Shopify apps make it easy for you to add size guides to your store’s website, allowing your customers to purchase products that are likely to fit, and they come with useful features like size chart templates, widgets, easy customization, and responsive designs.

Check out these promising Shopify size chart apps and choose your favorite Shopify product chart size table app from the below list.

1. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender


This Shopify app makes it easy for you to create multiple size charts for your online store, enabling your customers to find their perfect fir. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender comes with flexible size chart layouts, so you can add multiple tables, tabs, images, and videos, and it will automatically detect a customer’s location and present measurements in the appropriate units for their country.

2. Best Fit ‑ Size Charts


This app helps to create beautiful easy-to-use size charts & size guides for all your products. This gives your customers the confidence you need to make a sale and reduce your lost revenue on returns. Instead of displaying every size chart/size guide and annoying your customer, this app displays only the size chart/size guide for the product they are looking at. This makes it easy for the customer to find the sizing they are looking for.

3. Size Matters


Size Matters is a user-friendly way for you to create size guides for your products with the help of a table generator. Plus, this Shopify app comes with support for unlimited size guides, it enables you to easily customize the appearance of your size charts using CSS, and it allows you to add size guides to product pages using a single line of code.

4. Ultimate Size Chart


Ultimate Size Chart is used to show an instant size chart on your product page without putting in the effort. It’s really simple to use even for a normal user. It automatically adds size chart link above the add-to-cart panel on the product page. When you click on the “size chart” link it will open the size chart table in the popup that you have created in the backend.

5. Size chart ‑ guide to fit


This app allows you to create size guide tables displayed on the product page in one simple-to-use environment. With the Intuitive UI, you save time and energy usually spent on the hours and hours needed to manually convert sizes and create individual tables.

6. Size Chart


Using this app you can present a Size Chart for your products, which can help your customer to check exactly which size they have. Especially this app is made for configurable products and more useful to Online Garment Stores.

7. Size Me Up


Size Me Up is developed by Livid Apps. It automatically detects the customer’s country and thus provides the results accordingly. The application supports the idea of accepting infinite-size option values for Shopify products, targeting customers from different countries.

8. Perfect Fit ‑ Size Guidance


This app is an easier way for your consumers to shop online. It is a powerful size recommendation tool that helps your customers determine the right size for all apparel products on your website.

All a shopper needs to do is choose gender, enter height, and upload two photos within the widget on your website. This app processes the photos, matches the measurements with size charts, and just in a few seconds displays the perfect size for a particular product.

9. MySizeID ‑ The Perfect Fit


MySizeID – The Perfect Fit is the accurate sizing solution that you (and your customers) have been looking for. All you have to do is add the MySizeID – The Perfect Fit Shopify app to your product pages and send them your sizing tables. Your customers will be asked to download the MySizeID – The Perfect Fit mobile app, which will guide them through a quick measurement process. Once MySizeID – The Perfect Fit has your customers’ measurements, the app will do all the thinking for them. By cross-referencing your inventory’s sizing tables with their measurements, the app will show them their correct size for the selected item, and for any item, they view later on. As long as you have MySizeID installed on all your product pages, customers using the app will see their suggested size wherever they browse in your store.

10. SMS | Apparel Size Recommender


This Shopify app will recommend the appropriate sizes for your store’s customers by asking them four simple questions, making it easy for them to figure out which size to buy. It also enables you to create size charts for individual items of clothing, making it ideal for shops with lots of different products, and it’s available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Arabic.

11. AVADA Size Chart FREE!


AVADA Size Chart is a thoughtful app that helps online stores reduce the return rate with effective size guides.

This app provides stores with 6 ready-to-use templates that they can apply instantly to their sites. And these templates are suitable for various types of products from Men’s Shoes, Women’s Tops, to Men’s bottoms, etc. In addition, it is flexible to custom the display of the size chart. Also, you can upload images or videos to make the chart more eye-catching or add icons, background colors, Text colors or even Overlay colors to the chart without any difficulty. Besides, a Floating or Inline-link size chart is available to display the size chart button. To help you make easier customization, AVADA Size Chart enables you to preview the setting of the size chart right at the backend. Thanks to this, you can easily decide whether you should apply a Size chart to all products or just a few of them.

12. Uplara


Uplara, a fit-recommendation application, helps your customers find their ideal fit as per their unique body shape and size, just by entering their favorite garment. This app allows consumers to input the size and company of any product he/she bought in the past from any brand. This application converts the corresponding size automatically into the size fit for your product. Your customers can now confidently buy from your store. Customers shopping in your store can confidently select their recommended size and shop without a doubt.

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