Top 7 Best Shopify Product Filter Apps

Product filters are used to filter the products on Shopify collection pages. Customers can filter and get the product exactly based on their needs at a quick time. In this article, we have listed Top 7 Best Shopify Product Filter Apps which are as follows.

1. Product Filter & Search


Product Filter and Search App has 3 main features:

Outstanding Filter functions

Their product filter includes Refine by Collections, Vendors, Product Type, Price, Percent Sale, Product Options (Color, Size, etc) and multiple Tag Filters. Some highlights of the filter function:

  • Multiple filter options with multiple selections: This app allows customers to create filter trees with a varied selection of filter options and display types. It allows people to select multiple options under the same category (filter options) and automatically eliminates those that are unavailable for filtering based on previous selections.
  • Display different filter tree on different collection: This app allows user to create different filter trees which can be assigned specifically to certain collection pages, including the all products collection page and search result page.
  • Merge values: This feature allows customer to group multiple option values into one for better displays and navigation in case they have too many to show. For example, you can group: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Ocean,… into one values that can filter by all, Blue.
  • Filter based on products availability: This feature helps users filter based on product stock status. meaning they’ll be to still show the out-of-stock but can navigate to in-stock easily.

Quick Search and Suggestion

Results showed as-you-type with spellcheck, auto-correction. It shows popular search suggestions with live product preview with this principle:

  • Keyword suggestion is based on the following fields product title, vendor, product type.
  • If there is no Search Result from the entered keyword => Show Default Search Result Products.
  • When the user selects a keyword, it redirects to the full search result of the keyword.

Full Search Result

Depends on the length of the keyword, their search engine will “full-text” search with the following fields with special “boost weight number” title >vendor > product_type > options > tags > skus, barcodes > body_html.

2. Smart Product Filter & Search


This app helps you to create multiple product filters for your shop depending on your goods’ attributes. It allows you to build the perfect product filters for your store. The different filtering methods that the app provides are as follows:

  • Filter by variant
  • Filter by size
  • Filter by color
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by tag(s)
  • Filter by collection
  • Filter by vendor
  • Filter by brand
  • Filter by type
  • Filter by inventory
  • Filter by sale percentage

In addition, this app will improve your search bar. Present more relevant time-saving search results with advanced autocomplete window. And employ a wildcard partial search to make the shoppers’ experience even easier. You can allow your shopper to filter product on the search result page.

3. Filter Menu by Power Tools


This is a Shopify app, that helps to create filter menu on collection pages. It’s designed based on leading retailers like Amazon and Ebay, so you can offer your customers a world-class shopping experience. It allows to create filters based on Price, Brand, Type, Variants such as Color or Size, or any other collection or tag.

4. TURBO Product Filter


This app helps to improve your navigation and filter and search your products on the collection pages.

The product filter and search features:

  • Collection Filter and Search
  • Product Type Filter and Search
  • Vendor Filter and Search
  • Variant Filter: Color Filter, Sizes Filter, Material Filter and more filters
  • Price Filter
  • Tags Filter
  • Multi-check Product Filter
  • For Color filter, you will be able to insert the hexadecimal code or upload an image.
  • Our product filter has 2 modes: Vertical and horizontal product filter.
  • Our product filter loads your variants.

5. Variant Filter by Power Tools


Have a store that sells items by size, color or other variant options? The Variant Tagger is an app that allows you to add tags to your products based on what variants are in stock.

For example say you have a product that is available in Red, Green and Blue. The Variant Tagger will add tags for each of these colors so your customers can filter to what they want.

This app was originally designed to work with the Filter Menu by Power Tools, to allow people to filter by size or color.

6. Collection Filter by Supple


This app helps to create filters to let customers search products by type, vendor, size, color, and custom options. Automatic filters can be easily created and will sort products based on information in the product description. You can also create manual filters to support custom sorting options.

With the autotag feature, simply enter into a field the things that you want to categorize by (color, size, type, etc.) and Collection Filter will sort through each product’s description and automatically tag and sort items for you.

7. Filter Cat


Filter Cat allows you create your very own filters and sorters in your store and any collection instead of creating a lot collection. It supports various type of filters including: Price range, Product Type, Auto Vendor – List all vendors automatically: Vendor, Variant Options (Title / Size / Color / Material / Style) Tags.

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