7+ of the Best Shopify A/B Testing Apps

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A/B testing is key to maximizing your conversion rate. This article will introduce you with the best A/B Testing apps for Shopify. These apps allow you to create split tests right from the elements on your online store. Measures the results of your tests and shows you which variant is the most popular choice.

Here is a list of the best Shopify A/B Testing apps in 2024:

1. Theme Scientist A/B Tester

Theme Scientist is an easy to use A/B testing app for Shopify.


  • Theme A/B testing with daily stat tracking
  • Easy Product A/B testing – set the attributes in the app and it will handle the rest
  • Analyze the success of your test with metrics like Orders, Sales, Adds to Cart, Page Views
  • Theme Scheduler feature to publish a theme at a specific time in the future


2. Neat A/B Testing

Neat A/B Testing switches your product attributes every 24 hours (or less if you choose to change the default option) between the original version and your test version. Visitors to your site will see the active version everywhere your product appears, all the way through checkout and their order emails. The app tracks the conversion funnel and reports the statistics back to you on the dashboard. When you find the version of your product that converts best, make the changes permanent with a click.


3. Always Be Testing ‑ A/B Splits

With Always Be Testing, you’ll easily identify the elements of your product listings that convert more customers.

The app sends incoming traffic to either your existing listing (alpha) or your test listing (beta) based on the allocation ratio you determine. The app can test just about anything with your beta listing. It will record the performance of each listing and give you up-to-the-minute data on which is performing better.

Once you determine which sells the best, you simply send all the forthcoming traffic to the winning result. Then, start your next test to find out what else you can improve.

To keep things pretty, the app also included nifty redirect links that will take your long product URL’s and make them short and sweet. No need to use goo.gl or bit.ly to get a shortlink. The app makes it for you using your own domain, giving you the control to change it in the future.

Unlike other Shopify A/B Testing apps, Always Be Testing allocates customers in real time to give you more accurate data.

With this app, you can see how your customers react to the control and test listings throughout the course of the same test period.


4. SplitWit A/B Testing

This app lets you use SplitWit to run A/B experiments on your Shopify store.

SplitWit lets you create a variation of your web page using the visual editor. It splits traffic between the original version and your variation. You can track key metrics, and let SplitWit determine a winner. No code needed.


5. ShipScout ‑ A/B Test Shipping

ShipScout lets you A/B test different shipping rates on your shop. Just configure some shipping variants, and ShipScout will randomly place your shop’s visitors into your variants. This is a true A/B test – no daily switching between variants.

You can A/B test different free shipping thresholds and also A/B test different shipping prices.

You immediately get detailed data on the performance of your variants. Total visitors, order numbers, conversion rate, and detailed revenue data are all displayed.

ShipScout takes the guesswork out of shipping. Optimize your rates and stop missing out on revenue.


6. Products A/B Test

Would you like to split test your product? This is the right app!

Choose one price (or image, description) for week 1 and another price for week 2. Wait for 2 weeks. The app then will show you on which of 2 weeks your sales were the highest. You can then make a conclusion what product details you will have (you can make it 3 or more weeks, or select months or days instead).


7. Right Price A/B Testing

A/B Price Testing is the premium tool for testing price changes and understanding conversion rates.

It’s simple to use:

  • Two click setup of a new pricing campaign
  • One click pause/delete of your campaign


  • Clear conversion rates for each pricing option
  • Statistics on which option is likely to be best, given the number of views and conversions
  • Simple recommendation on which price to select – no more guesswork.
  • Doesn’t divide customers based on day/time of order, increasing statistical accuracy


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