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Subscriptions by ReCharge app has returned to the Shopify App Store following 2 weeks being unpublished. And now the merchants can install this app from Shopify App Store.

As previously reported, this app has been unpublished from the Shopify App Store for unknown reasons. There has been much speculation. But now it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s back.

Along with Bold Subscriptions, Subscriptions by ReCharge is also the best app, that helps to create a subscription-based ecommerce website on Shopify.

ReCharge is free to use through the first $100,000 USD in processed transactions. This means merchants of all sizes can launch and scale their subscription business on the leading solution. ReCharge also supports the ReCharge API, webhooks and custom workflows to solve complex subscription needs. This is really an advantage of ReCharge.

We are pleased to announce that we have become a ReCharge’s partner. We work on setting up subscription products using the ReCharge app which involves recurring billing based on the weekly, monthly, mearly subscriptions. We can also work with API of the app to help custom anything as your request.

We hope we can help you create a subscription based ecommerce website on Shopify.

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