ReCharge app is not currently published on the Shopify App Store

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Now, when you go to Recurring Billing by ReCharge on Shopify App Store, you will see the message:

Recurring Billing by ReCharge is not currently published on the Shopify App Store. If you have support questions, contact Recurring Billing by ReCharge directly.

So the shop owner can’t install directly from Shopify App Store. However it still works normally on the installed stores.

On System Status page, ReCharge has reported two incidents on May 30 and June 1.

We’ve tried contact with ReCharge to ask them what happened. And they said they are working with Shopify directly to correct the problem. Seem Shopify did this.

In the past, there were many applications that Shopify had removed from the Shopify App Store for violating policies. It is not known if ReCharge violated Shopify’s policies.

We hope that ReCharge will soon be brought back to the app store.

To get started so as a workaround you can go to ReCharge’s homepage and click on Start for free.

A popup window will appear next asking you to enter your Shopify store domain and click Sign up to installed.

ReCharge is a recurring billing app built exclusively for Shopify. It’s tailor-made for stores with physical subscription products for a seamless customer checkout.
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