BigCommerce and Walmart announce a new partnership

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BigCommerce, one of the leading ecommerce platforms out there, and Walmart, one of the largest retailers, have partnered!

Starting today, BigCommerce merchants in the US can apply to sell on as Marketplace sellers.

By joining Walmart Marketplace, you have the opportunity to get your products in front of nearly 120 million unique visitors each month. That means expanding your reach and reimagining a customer experience with innovative programs.

There’s also not a huge waiting process or integration needed. With BigCommerce, you can enjoy a dedicated review process for your Walmart Marketplace application. Then, once approved, you will be able to connect your BigCommerce account to a Walmart seller account, helping you sync your product catalog and create listings on quickly and easily. In addition, Walmart is offering 30 days of commission-free sales for new BigCommerce sellers who meet all New-Seller Savings offer conditions.

Other benefits to selling on Walmart with BigCommerce include:

  • Sell with Confidence: Walmart Marketplace is selective by design. Join a curated community of respected sellers dedicated to offering top-quality products and best-in-class customer service.
  • Centralized Management: BigCommerce and an integrator of your choice will automatically keep your products synced with, making it easy to track products, orders, inventory and fulfillment from one place.

Built for growth, BigCommerce helps merchants sell more at every stage of business growth and allows merchants to realize their visions without compromise. This exciting new partnership is just another reason businesses succeed with BigCommerce.

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