Pinterest has introduced a new, more efficient in-app purchase procedure for Shopify merchants

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With the advent of a new simplified conversion procedure, Pinterest hopes to assist Shopify merchants to increase their in-stream transactions. This method will make it quicker and easier for users to make direct purchases from your Pin listings.

This sequence demonstrates how Pinterest’s new “Hosted Checkout” procedure allows users to choose all the necessary product order information inside the app rather than sending you back to a merchant website to complete the transaction. It will considerably lessen the friction involved in the Pinterest shopping experience.

It is undoubtedly useful when you locate the appropriate item and don’t want to end your app session, but it may also result in a lot more impulsive purchases, which is advantageous for Pinterest and the businesses using the method.

Hosted checkout is currently available to select US merchants who are in the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program and use Shopify to sell their products on Pinterest. Eligible merchants will see the hosted checkout section at the top of the shopping settings in the Shopify app. If you see the option, turn it on, and you’re ready to go.

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