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In an email to its partners, Bold Commerce said a new feature  will be coming soon – Bold Subscriptions Pro.

Bold Subscriptions Pro is a robust, API-driven subscriptions solution that provides developers and merchants unlimited flexibility to create their dream subscription offering, onboarding flow, and customer portal.

Bold Subscriptions Pro will be integrated with Shopify’s new native checkout using Shopify Payments, unlocking the potential to integrate with any app that is already integrated with Shopify’s checkout.


  • Access powerful APIs and webhooks: Access a full suite of APIs that make it easy to create custom workflows and apps to support your subscription business.
  • Customize and configure every aspect of your subscription: Create a fully tailored storefront, checkout, and subscription management experience for you and your customers.
  • Give subscribers flexibility and control: Design a custom portal to give customers as much flexibility as you want. Let them edit, pause, skip, change, and manage their subscription, including payment methods and delivery dates.
  • Use white-labeled widgets and checkout theme: Tailor the design and styling of your subscription and checkout, including your logo, favicon, and subdomain, without any Bold branding.
  • Grow international sales while delivering localized experiences: Display, bill and collect in over 150 currencies and integrate with language translators.
  • Mix and match multiple subscription business models: From standard recurring products to weekly build-a-box selections to a model that’s unique to you, create a subscription offering that will bring you the most success.
  • Provide seamless payment experiences: Customize your checkout with multiple payment and billing methods and currencies supported. Plus accept gift cards or loyalty points as currency at checkout.
  • Activate stored accounts: Make one-time and recurring billing faster with vaulted credit cards and handle payment failures with automated dunning management.
  • Handle the complexity of global variations: Automate duties, fees, shipping, and taxes with dependable partner integrations.

Bold is inviting beta applications from merchants interested in Bold Subscriptions Pro on Shopify. Beta users will be selected before October 5 with a target release date of October 26, 2020.

  • Beta merchants must use Shopify Payments as their gateway
  • Beta merchants ideally do not have an existing subscriptions program, or they are willing to run two programs simultaneously as migrations will not be available at launch.

At this time, you can register beta users Bold Subscriptions Pro with no monthly costs (*transaction fees still apply) until the end of 2020.

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