Shopify Markets Pro Will Enable Retailers To Instantly Go Worldwide

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To make it easier for its merchants to sell internationally, Shopify introduced Shopify Markets in 2021. Since then, Shopify Markets has been utilized by more than 175,000 merchants from across the globe to get their products and services out to a global audience. On average, American businesses utilizing Shopify Markets ship to 14 other nations.

Now, they’re expanding on the success of Shopify Markets by launching Shopify Markets Pro, to simplify cross-border commerce for Shopify businesses that want to grow internationally quickly without adding unnecessary complexity to their operations.

What is Shopify Markets Pro?

Powered by Shopify’s relationship with Global-e, Shopify Markets Pro is the native merchant-of-record solution that makes it easy for Shopify merchants to quickly extend their companies internationally to 150+ countries.

Manages compliance on behalf of the merchant

Every market has its own tax and tariff regulations, which may shift at any time; currencies fluctuate, and retailers must be vigilant against an uptick in fraudulent orders. When considering the time and money needed to meet all of these requirements, it’s clear why expanding into new markets is so difficult. To alleviate this burden, many merchants are turning to Shopify’s built-in merchant-of-record solution.

Accesses affordable express shipping with DHL

Express shipping costs might skyrocket if you’re an independent retailer trying to ship internationally. Shopify’s Markets Pro service negotiates on the merchant’s behalf to get discounted shipping and customs fees, allowing them to provide their customers with lightning-fast delivery and reimbursed duties.

Creates a seamless consumer experience

Because of regional differences in consumer expectations, Shopify realizes that the key to successful international sales is providing a consistent, tailored customer experience. Customers want to make purchases in their own currency, using their chosen payment method, and without being subjected to any unanticipated customs taxes upon delivery.

As a matter of fact, Shopify has discovered that selling in a local currency improves GMV from overseas purchasers by 7%, and offering local payment options raises the checkout rate by around 6%.

Markets Pro streamlines the process of optimizing the customer experience, expanding on the success of Shopify Markets to boost conversion rates via the elimination of obstacles such as foreign exchange, payment processing, shipping, and taxes and tariffs.

Starting today, US-based merchants may get their hands on an early version of Shopify Markets Pro. Learn more about how Shopify Markets and Shopify Markets Pro can help with international expansion here.

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