The password can no longer be disabled on the Shopify development stores

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Shopify just announced that: starting today (Aug 17, 2020) any newly created Shopify development stores will be password protected and the password can no longer be disabled unless you choose a plan or transfer the store. Existing development stores created before Aug 17, 2020 are exempt from these changes.

This message appears for Shopify Partner accounts. Because as a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores. A development store is a free Shopify account that comes with a few limitations. But if you don’t need to sell anything, you can use a development store to build a website for free. So many people misuse it.

It is possible for this reason that Shopify made this decision. With this decision, the visitor will not be able to directly access the website content, but will have to confirm the password first.

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