Shopify Launches Tax Product for US Merchants

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Managing US sales tax is complicated. And to make it easier for US sellers with this problem, Shopify has just launched a tax product for US merchants this week. It’s called Shopify Tax.

Shopify Tax includes new features to help merchants tackle the challenge of managing sales tax in the United States. It allows merchants to stay on top of their potential state-by-state tax liability and enhances their ability to accurately collect taxes with the addition of smart product categorization and rooftop accuracy. Combined with an expanding list of e-commerce tax apps, merchants can customize the right solution for your business.

For the rest of 2022, Shopify Tax is already included in the price of your Shopify plan. And there won’t be any fees for the first $100,000 in sales in the US each year. If you have made more than $100,000 in sales in the US, you will be charged a competitive fee of 0.35% (0.25% for Shopify Plus merchants). The fee is also capped at $0.99 per transaction.

Over the upcoming weeks, these features will be rolled out to all merchants selling in the US.

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