ReCharge app allows create an one-page checkout in Shopify

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Subscriptions by ReCharge is a Shopify app, that helps to create subscription with recurring payments on your Shopify store. Recently, a great news from ReCharge, they said: An one-page checkout is something they are developing that they plan for release in Q1 2020. For now, they do have a Checkout API which can be built to do an one page checkout.

It’s mean that you don’t need to use the default checkout page of Shopify or ReCharge. Now, you can create and custom for your checkout page.

For an example of a store currently using the Checkout API, take a look at Cirkul –

This store is using Checkout API of ReCharge app to build an one-page checkout. So if you want to implement this feature for your Shopify store, the first you must install Subscriptions by ReCharge. This is a mandatory condition.


If it’s not urgent with your store then you can wait until this feature is officially released to use. If you really want to deploy this feature right away, you can get more info on the Checkout API functions here:

In fact, there are many owner shops who want to build a Shopify payment page through your style. But Shopify doesn’t allow to do that. And now with Checkout API from ReCharge app, I think they was able to do that, like Cirkul.

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