Top Campaigns To Get New Customers

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In today’s increasingly fierce competition, customer attraction strategy always plays a decisive role in the survival of a store. Attracting and finding customers will help improve revenue and grow your store’s business faster. The famous playwright Titus Maccius Plautus once said, “You must spend money to make money“, but this is not always true in the field of marketing. Sometimes you can attract customers to you without spending a lot of money and still achieve results, of course, you have to have a product that really brings value to customers. But how do customers know you? And how can they buy from you? It is not a simple thing, follow the article below to know the most effective ways to attract customers.

Top campaigns to get new customers:

1. Automate email marketing

An effective Email Marketing campaign brings a lot of benefits to businesses. Not only helps to maintain relationships and increase the trust of customers for the business but also to approach and promote products to many new customers. According to research data, 80% of marketers claim email is the best for customer acquisition. There are many factors to evaluate an effective email marketing campaign or not. That is the rate of successful sending emails, views, clicks on links, interaction rates on the website via email, etc. Thereby, campaigners can evaluate the effectiveness, advantages, and limitations of the campaign. and learn from the experience for the next campaigns.

This is a low-cost campaign. The cost to implement an Email Marketing campaign is much lower than other marketing methods but it is quite effective. Using this campaign, the conversion rate can increase up to 50%.

2. Leverage media and social networks

According to the statistics of Emarsys (2019), there are 3.5 billion social network users worldwide and this number is still growing. It is equivalent to about 45% of the current population. And 54% of social browsers use social networks for product research. These numbers say that, if we know how to take advantage of social networks to communicate to customers and attract customers, this strategy will be very effective.

3. Influencers help build brand trust

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing. This is a form of marketing with an emphasis on influencers rather than targeting all on social media. This form will identify influential individuals for the group of potential customers and direct marketing activities around those influencers.

Influencer marketing is taking an important turn. Brands are increasingly turning to social media for marketing. That is, if consumers feel confident in an influencer’s recommendation, they will be more likely to buy a product. This social network statistic shows that 49% of consumers say they rely on recommendations from social media influencers to inform purchasing decisions.

4. Encourage users to share

71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend it to their friends and family. It’s great that we use this strategy because it costs nothing. What we need to do is create quality products and provide good customer care policies to serve our existing customers, when they feel satisfied, they will definitely recommend the product. your products to their relatives and friends. Products that have been tested by acquaintances will easily create sympathy for customers even though they have not been used.

5. Create great sales content

For new customers, sales content is quite important. This will be where you have the opportunity to describe and introduce all information related to your products and business to customers. Content must be good, creative, and unique to attract customers, to help you stand out from your competitors. A new customer comes across your store for the first time, surely sales content will be a prerequisite to retain them. Create strategies to have great sales content and fully meet the needs of customers so that they have the best shopping experience.

6. Great website design

If the content is to help retain customers, make them decide to buy your product or not, the design of a beautiful, impressive website will be the form, helping customers visit the store. your. A well-designed, clean, luxurious, and full-featured website will help you stand out from the competition. Browsing through hundreds of stores but your website has a beautiful design will make visitors quickly click on your website and will turn visitors into customers.

7. Promote your products on Instagram

Instagram is a social network specializing in sharing photos and videos that is very popular with young people today. This application is increasingly popular and its influence is also very large on the social networking community. Billions of users around the globe are using the app, and fast-adapting businesses are reaping the benefits of marketing through it. Instagram’s average engagement rate is now 1.22%, compared to Facebook’s 0.09%. People not only use Instagram to follow their family and friends, but they are also very interested in the latest updates of their favorite brands. 83% of Instagram users say they use Instagram to discover new products and services, and 80% of them use it to help them decide whether or not to buy something.

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