How to Create Your Business Card and Make It Remarkable?

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Technological advancement might make people think that automation is always better. Even though it makes our lives easier, you can always come back to traditions. When it comes to the business card creation, you can replace them with online-projects. However, companies are always free to use them as a part of their branding. They come up with eye-catching designs and make their business memorable. Do you want to have a high impact on your potential partners or clients? Today, we are going to understand how you can do this and benefit from a business card.

How to Create Your Business Card

Who Needs to Create a Business Card?

A business card creation is an efficient way to display your contacts. This contact information usually included the following points:

  • Your name
  • Your speciality and area of work
  • Contact details (phone number, email address, and business address)
  • Social media profiles
  • Website URL

In general, a company official can have a business card. Thanks to it, he or she has a chance to promote a business during such physical meetings as:

  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Trade fair
  • Business meeting
  • And many others

In such a way, one can share it and allow people to take a glance at the business. For the reason that a business card gives the impression of your service and product quality.

Now, let us look through the main advantages that can assure you of having a business card.

main advantages of having a business card

  1. First of all, you can deliver your contact information in the best possible light. Without a doubt, your contacts are crucial for every customer or partner. When they are available in a flash, it can make others trust you. Furthermore, one can put a card in the pocket or wallet and find your contacts quickly.
  2. It can also create a friendly environment between you and your conversationalists. How is it possible? In many countries, exchanging cards is essential. In such a way, you can start the communication and build relationships.
  3. A business card is your chance to make a marvellous first impression. As an example, you can present a company logo, branding colors, and company details to make others notice you.
  4. If you do everything right, your card can become a marketing tool. The Internet offers many ways to promote your business. These include creating a useful resource, sending newsletters, and many others. Yet, when you meet someone who has an interest in your company, it is possible to share a business card.
  5. It is also capable of building trust. Many companies are working in the same field as you. Make sure your business card looks professional and makes people rely on you.

How to Create a Business Card: Top 5 Free Resources

If you have an interest in getting your business card ready, you can take advantage of various resources. We want to focus on five variants where you can do this for free.

How to Create a Business Card


Business Cards Creator on Spark.Adobe.Com

Free Business Cards With Crello.Com

Business Card Maker Graphicsprings.Com

Design Business Cards on Jukeboxprint.Com

Top 5 Business Cards Templates to Impress Everyone

It is also possible to select a ready-made solution to create a business card. We have chosen five choices that allow showcasing your contacts at their best.

Dark Business Card

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Modern Business Card

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Creative Business Card

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Multipurpose Business Card

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Abstract Business Card

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Top 5 Business Card Creation Mistakes

1. Using Small Fonts

People should be ready to read your contacts in a jiffy. Using a small font to include more pieces of information is not right. When you print your business card, you will understand that it is impossible to get familiar with it. For this reason, make sure to use a font that has a size bigger than 8pt.

2. Creating a Complicated Design

It is better to create a business card that does not have unnecessary elements. Using many colors and fonts is not going to draw more attention. Come up with a simple design that focuses people on your contact information.

3. Paying No Attention to the Layout

Having a well-structured business card is also essential. It should help you to present your information in the right order. In such a way, an excellent layout makes sure you can include the crucial elements.

4. Forgetting About Your Company Logo

Your logo is a way to make others remember your company. You can present your big logo on the entire side of the business card. Do not use many colors, texts, and images around them.

5. No Standing Out From the Crowd

Do you have a creative business that requires something special? In this case, you can create a unique shape of your business card. These include not only squares but also circles or rectangles.

Top 5 Business Card Creation Tips

1. Selecting the Right Style

In general, business cards have a simple appearance. However, some companies can opt for something brighter. It means that you need to understand what will be better for your brand identity.

2. Including a QR Code

One of the easiest ways to save space on your business card is to take advantage of the QR code. Limited space can make you face a challenge. Where should you include all these phone numbers, website addresses, social media links and other details? Use a QR code. Moreover, it will connect your clients or partners with your online-projects.

3. Using a CTA

It might sound a little bit strange, but using a call-to-action can be useful. As an example, showing special offers or discounts can bring you more clients.

4. Presenting Only the Crucial Contacts

It is one of the most accessible pieces of advice to follow. You do not need to create a resume out of your business card. Show only those contacts that will be helpful:

  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Social profiles

5. Checking Before Printing

Another piece of advice that you can find obvious. Yet, do not forget to check your card before printing. Look through all the details again, not to spend additional money after finding mistakes.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Your business card allows making your brand recognizable and establishing credibility. For this reason, if you want it to achieve these purposes, take care of its creation. Increase the number of people you are communicating and working with, thanks to a perfect business card. Thanks for reading!

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