Shopify Business Startup Kit: How to Ready To-Go-Live Store in 3 Days?

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Businessmen are constantly exploring new opportunities. However, many of them turn out to be money-sucking ones. For this reason, tons of ideas are left unrealized. Furthermore, each of us understands that no business has not automatically entered the world of success. You need to work hard to get this rapid growth. The start may seem to be a big challenge. Especially when it comes to building your online-store. There are so many tasks you need to take care of. It would be nice if someone did everything instead of you. We want to gladden you. Everything is possible these days. Do not put off your work on some valuable things. Your online-store will be getting ready while you are engaged with other problems. Enough talking. It is better to show.

Today, we want you to forget about your lack of inspiration, time, and money. Do you want to join the world of an eCommerce business? Then, you certainly need to get familiar with Shopify Business Startup Kit. Recently, this Shopify shop setup service from TemplateMonster impressed many users. Get ready to launch your online-store in a jiffy together with this amazing offer. We understand that you want to find out more about details. This post is here to explain all the essential details and guide you to success…

Shopify Business Startup Kit: Basics to Know

Shopify Business Startup Kit is an affordable service that will assist you in getting a fully-functional online-store. It includes pretty much everything that you need to get a modern online-shop.

Ultimate Checklist of Advantages Waiting for You

  1. Five essential apps to run your store
  2. 24/7 support
  3. 30 days of free Shopify trial
  4. Quick installation service
  5. Configuration and creation services

Is Price Going to Be Reasonable?

Without a doubt, you want to know everything about the price. It will cost you $359. For this sum, you will get the following options:

  • Creation and configuration;
  • Content installation;
  • Different applications to make your online-store better.

In other words, the TemplateMonster team will register your online-store. Then, it will take them nothing to transfer it to your Shopify account. Setting up your website and its customization will be performed according to your needs. In addition to this, it also includes the installation of your content. These include products and collections, images, navigation, and other elements. The kit will also provide you with such apps as:

  • Oberlo
  • Product reviews
  • SEO image optimizer
  • GDPR cookie consent banner
  • Privy (exit pop-ups and email)

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What Will Shopify Business Startup Kit Do for You?

When you know the basics about this kit, it is crucial to focus on its details.

  1. You will get a fully-fledged online-store in 2-3 days after the purchase.
  2. It is possible to choose the most appropriate Shopify theme by yourself. Then, it will be installed and customized by web-development experts.
  3. To cut a long story short, TemplateMonster will take care of your website.

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Extra Things Required From You

Keep in mind that you need to provide the company with such components as:

  • Your email address
  • Your company logo
  • Client address data
  • A few variants of your domain name
  • Color scheme you want to opt for
  • Images you want to include
  • CSV files for your products
  • Content for your pages, blog, and others

Getting started is extremely simple. All you need to do is to send an email to the team. You can find this section on the page of Shopify Business Startup Kit. After this, you will get the answer from the manager with whom you can discuss everything.

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Starting an online-business is always exciting. You come up with a brand-new idea, build your perfect online-store, and imagine all its benefits. Actually, everything sounds extremely wonderful. It seems that your road to success does not have any barriers. Except for the part when you need to build your online-store. It can be frustrating when you do not know how to make everything right. Fortunately, there is an affordable answer you can take advantage of. Moreover, you already know its name. Shopify Business Startup kit will help you to overcome your biggest challenge. Remember that you will get five ready-to-use apps, quick installation service, and professional support. Make certain to check out this effective variant to meet all your needs. Thanks for reading!

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