5 Ways To Increase Mobile Conversions

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Mobile devices have become a fixture of everyday life for millions of people. Across the globe, web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets have evolved into essential tools for communication, and mobile devices are where the activities of searching, buying, and selling products of businesses take place too. However, most organizations see lower conversion rates on phones than on desktops. So how to overcome the above situation to be able to skyrocket mobile conversions, please refer to the following article.

1. Button Placement

You must ensure that the buy button is always displayed in the position that attracts the most customers. This will help customers quickly make purchasing decisions, reduce the bounce rate, and increase the conversion rate. Moreover, to attract more customers, you need to design a beautiful, prominent purchase button, and the call to action must be clear and eye-catching.

2. Cut unnecessary form fields

Because mobile screens are typically compact, providing forms that are too long and contain unnecessary elements will make your site look less professional. This will likely leave your customers feeling unsatisfied.

Make your mobile interface as simple as possible. But you still have to make sure they are full of information. Thus, customers will be more easily attracted, the purchase process will take place faster, then the conversion rate will be higher.

3. User-friendly design

One point to note is that you need to design your website so that it is user-friendly. When displaying your website on the screen of mobile devices, the content and headings must be properly divided, and compatible with the device. Furthermore, the content needs to be consistent and stand out. This will be a plus point for businesses if they want to bring a great shopping experience to customers.

4. Improve the checkout flow

Surely we often hear the phrase “one-click purchasing”. This shows that customers expect a quick, simplified purchase process. If you want the purchase to happen quickly, and not be affected by factors related to the process, it is very important to improve the checkout flow.

Improving the checkout flow will help avoid wasting customers’ shopping time, encouraging customers to buy more products.

5. Follow up

Mobile users may not always be able to complete a purchase or initiate a purchase process when they first land on your website. So, to re-engage visitors after they leave, use mobile advertising strategies like SMS and notifications. This can be as simple as a reminder that the cart has items ready for checkout. In this way, this strategy will help increase the chances of customers coming back to your store.

Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

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