Top Tips To Have An Appealing Brand Name

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To have an attractive brand name requires a lot of time and effort because it plays an important role in your early growth. According to Marty Neumeier, CEO of Branding for Liquid Agency, a branding agency in San Jose, California, writes in The Brand Gap, “The right name can become a brand’s most valuable asset, it helps you make a difference and easily make a mark in the minds of consumers. Naming the wrong name can cost a lot to make customers remember your brand”. Understanding that but how to do it is a difficult question for many businesses when starting a business. What should I name my brand? How can customers remember my brand? How are you going to get shown in search results? I won’t help you with that, but I will share some great tips to apply to this important thing.

Top tips to have an appealing brand name:

1. Use Keywords in your Brand Name

Google will look at your brand name for clues. Using keywords to include your brand name will help increase SEO in search results. Research shows that selection keywords will determine 90% of the success of a project. You need to find short, unique words associated with the types of products and services you are trading. This will be a good tip to have a brand name that is not only impressive but also increases your brand search rankings. You can find the right keywords faster and easier with Google’s keyword adjustment feature.

2. Make differences

However, just putting keywords in the brand name alone will not be enough. Because there will certainly be many businesses selling the same products and services. Therefore, placing keywords will easily be duplicated, confusing customers as well as affecting search rankings. You should adhere to this principle. You have to make sure your brand name makes a difference. Differentiation here is understood in the sense that it is unique, memorable, and stands out from the competition. It is especially important to note that you should not have the same name as the opponent, nor should you use the opponent’s elements.

3. Does not exist

To determine if your brand name already exists, go to Google and see if the name on your listing shows up. It will be bad if you have spent a lot of time thinking about ideas for business but your brand name is duplicated with competitors or this brand name already exists. For SEO, the process of ranking a term is already a pain and if you choose a duplicate, already existing brand name, this ranking process will be even more difficult. Once customers do not distinguish your brand will greatly affect your business results. I’m sure no one wants this to happen to their business. So be very careful and make sure your brand name doesn’t exist before.

4. Use a Free Name Generator Tool

If you are not sure what domain names are available still, let visit this website and seek help. I am sure this will be a very useful tool to be able to help you do it quickly and accurately.

Enter your brand name and received dozens of recommendations for available domains. Please choose which one you think is most suitable.

5. Make it a Dot Com

As we all know, the dot com website is a page ending in .com. It can be said that this is an easy-to-remember website and the way to enter data like this is quite familiar to most of us. Therefore, creating a .com extension will be an advantage for your business. Furthermore, Dubbed the ‘big three’, .com, .net, and .org are the oldest and most widely used domain suffixes. Also known as domain extensions, they have grown in importance with the development of search engines and search engine optimization (SEO), resulting in increased scrutiny of the benefits of each suffix. According to research 75% of all websites in the world use .com. I think it’s no coincidence that we have this number, surely this method must be really effective, to be used so widely.

6. Make it easy to remember

You should remember that your customer is very diverse and multi-component. It is important that your brand name is easy to read, easy to remember so that new customers can immediately think of it when they have a need to buy your products or use your services. There are many different ways to create a brand name, but it’s important to focus on one that communicates what your company does, and how that will contribute greatly to positioning. brand in the hearts of customers.

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