7 tips for posting on social media

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Consistently cultivating engagement on social media is no easy task—but when done right it can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and allow you to acquire new customers. This checklist has 7 tips for posting on social media that will help you increase engagement across your social media platforms.

1. Keep Your Social Media Posts Short and Simple

  • Twitter: 71 – 100 characters
  • Facebook: 40 – 119 characters
  • Google+: less than 60 characters per headline

2. Include a Link with Every Social Media Post

Ensure the link is relevant

3. Include an Image with Every Social Media Post

4. Be Social on Your Social Media Networks

  • Respond to mentions
  • Follow or like your engaged followers
  • Like posts from your engaged followers
  • Monitor hashtags
  • Participate in relevant conversations

5. Identify and Follow Influencers in Your Industry

6. Reuse and Recycle Your Social Media Posts

  • Re-write the post using different messaging
  • Include a different hashtag
  • Use a different call to action
  • Include a different mention
  • Experiment with the time of days and days of week you share your post

7. Post Consistently and Diversify Your Offering

  • Use the right social media channel for the type of content
  • Post a mix of promotional, conversational, and personal posts
  • Post regularly and consistently

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