5 Ways Integration of Social Media Can Boost eCommerce Sales

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1. Promoting social channels on your website encourages follows

Outside of paid ads on social, the people who see your updates will usually just be those that already follow you. That makes building a follower base an important step in getting anything out of social media. But it can be hard and slow going.

By integrating social media into your eCommerce website, you’re telling people who already have an interest in your brand where they can find you on the other sites they spend their time on.

A one-time website visitor is much less valuable to a brand than someone who extends the relationship beyond that first visit. A social media following is one option for them to do that. It ensures they’ll continue seeing updates from your brand, and makes it much more likely that they return to your website again down the line.

2. Social media integration makes it easy for visitors to share your site

Your social updates reach your followers, but every time a visitor finds something on your website valuable enough to share, it also reaches their followers. That’s powerful. It means you reach a whole new audience—people that might just click on a link and visit your site.

And it shows that audience that someone they trust likes your brand, which is a more persuasive case for checking you out than anything you can say about yourself. 83% of consumers in a Nielsen survey said they trust the brand recommendations of friends and family—making them the most trusted of all channels.

When someone shares a link to your website with their network, it serves as an endorsement. They’re saying your website is worth visiting. And people are more likely to take the step of sharing your website if you make it extremely easy for them. Social media integration with your website is how you do that.

3. New followers start an ongoing relationship with your brand

When someone chooses to follow you on social media, they’re saying they want to keep hearing from you. That’s a pretty big deal for brands!

People have a lot of different options for places to put their attention. Making an active choice to give some of it to you—not just once, but on an ongoing basis—demonstrates a genuine interest in your brand.

And the consumers that decide to start a relationship with your brand are the ones that are likely to develop loyalty. That means an increased likelihood that they’ll make purchases from you beyond the first—as long as your products and services are good enough to earn that loyalty.

Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

4. Social media can amplify your special offers

While a good social media strategy isn’t all about promoting your products, consumers actually want to hear about it on social media when you’re offering a new deal or having a sale. According to Sprout Social’s research, discounts and sales are the number one thing consumers want to hear about from brands on social media.

That may surprise marketers that have internalized the idea that a brand’s social presence shouldn’t be promotional. But the promotions are what customers expect and want from you. So the next time you’re offering a great deal or discount, make sure your social followers know all about it. It’s a good way to increase eCommerce sales.

5. A strong social following drives more traffic

One of the benefits of eCommerce and using your website to promote your social channels is that it drives more traffic back to your website.

A solid online marketing strategy recognizes that the various online channels are connected and support each other. Some of the same people that follow you on social media because they saw your social profile promoted on the website will return back to the website when they see your content or products promoted on social feeds. And some will help drive new traffic to the site by sharing your content and updates with their networks.

Integration between the two channels just makes sense, as it helps both become more successful.

Source: Hostgator’s Blog

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