9 Marketing Tips to Double Your Dropshipping Store Sales

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Dropshipping is a popular area of retail – mainly because modern customers want to receive the goods right now, and not wait a week or two for delivery. This means that having the product in your hands, you can make speed one of your advantages, and grow a successful dropshipping business. In this article, we talk about marketing tricks that will help improve the sales of your products in a short time.

9 Marketing Tips to Double Your Dropshipping Store Sales

1. Add Attractive and Professional Images

Of course, you can use images from the sites of your suppliers, however, if you follow this logic, why your potential customers can not buy directly from your suppliers? That’s right, your task is to present the goods in a better light and make money on the difference in price.

And the first thing you can do is to improve the visual component, because the human brain makes the first assessment of what it sees visually, emotionally, and only then rationally.

Therefore, review the images you use on your website and try to make them more professional, lively and attractive. For example, you can take photos and show how a certain thing fits into the interior, how a certain model of clothes looks on different types of figures and with what you can combine it, and so on.

Most likely, for this you will need the help of a photographer and a studio rental, however, this is a one-time investment. Good images will work for you every time, and besides, you can use them in your advertising companies.

2. Improve Your Products Description

After your visitors got the first visual impression, they will go on to the description of the product and its characteristics. Again, copying the description from the manufacturer’s website is not the best idea, except when necessary – for example, when the product has technical specifications.

However, it is possible to sell any product if you show practical benefits, obvious advantages and evoke emotions of buyers. The only universal advice that can be given in this case is to look at your product through the eyes of customers and understand what they expect from the purchase, what emotions they want to experience and what goals to achieve by buying a certain product. Use these insights to create a colorful, attractive description.


  • Use lists
  • Use photos from different angles
  • Add a video.

3. Offer Free Delivery

The whole truth is that modern buyers are already accustomed to free delivery. This option is for granted. Therefore, if you have not yet foreseen this opportunity, then 2020 is the time to review your pricing policy a bit, make an accurate calculation of the cost of delivery to different locations, and put this amount in the price of your product.

In addition, logistics companies offer favorable conditions for business owners. You can sign a contract and give your customers what they want – the ability to buy goods with fast delivery without overpaying.

4. Get Some Backlinks to Strengthen the Position of Your Website

One of the goals of any online business is to go to the top of search engine results for their main key phrases. Yes, there are many different strategies that can help achieve this, for example, creating SEO-optimized content, localizing your website, improving behavioral factors through video, interactivity and other involving elements, and of course, backlinks. Perhaps we should say about the backlinks in the first place, as they directly indicate the reliability of your site.

5. Use the Power of Instagram Marketing

Remember, we talked about high-quality images and additional possibilities for their use? So, use the best Instagram features and your best photos to attract new customers.

Instagram itself is a good platform for selling goods because this social network focuses on visual content. And this means that with good images, you already have every chance of selling and expanding your subscriber base. Use paid advertising companies to attract new customers, organize various contests with prizes, encourage your customers to interact with you through social networks and invite them to the site.

6. Ask Your Customers to Leave Reviews

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of untruthful reviews, which can be either trick of competitors or fake reviews from the companies themselves. And modern buyers want the business to be honest with them – therefore, this is the right approach to ask your customers to leave feedback about your product, website, and service. Offer a small bonus in return and ask for help sincerely – as a rule, most people don’t refuse.

7. Set up Recommended Products Section

Studies show that recommendations for potentially suitable products increase sales. However, here, too, two points must be taken into account.

  • Firstly, to add such an option to your website, you need to use an artificial intelligence system, which means an additional investment.
  • Secondly, the settings of the recommended products section should be very thought out – because too many choices complicate the final decision, or just make users refuse to buy.

Three to four recommended products is the golden mean to give visitors the opportunity to choose, but not let them get confused.

8. Launch a Youtube Channel to Show Your Products Alive

Users like to watch videos and compare different options, especially when it comes to a serious purchase. No one wants to buy a pig in a poke. Video is your chance to show your products as they are in life. This approach will help you:

  • Improve user engagement
  • Position yourself as an honest and open business
  • Sell more products through the more valuable information you provide in the video
  • Follow the trends – in the case of dropshipping and retail as such, this is important.

9. Stimulate the User-Generated Content Creation

Remember we talked about the possibilities of Instagram for dropshipping business? And here is one more. You can launch a contest on social networks, the condition of which will be to create a small element of user content – for example, take a selfie with your product, take a photo in the clothes purchased from you, or take a video of receiving your product. Of course, in return, you will need to offer a prize, but this is a good and profitable opportunity to

  • Get custom content
  • Use brand hashtag
  • Improve the recognition of your store on social networks
  • Remind your regular customers about you again.


Now you are ready to act. All the tips that we have given you are effective, and most of them are free or almost free. Act in the order in which our tips are listed in this article and then each of your initiatives will harmoniously and effectively complement the next.

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