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Take advantage of niche events in July

There’s a lot more sales opportunities in July than just Independence Day! Check out your July calendar for extra selling events to last the entire month.


National Park & Recreation Month

The entire month of July in the U.S. is “National Park & Recreation Month.” Americans have extra time to explore the outdoors thanks to warmer weather and summer vacation for the kids.

Call-to-actions for National Park & Recreation Month:

  • These products are a fresh of breath air for nature-lovers. Shop now.
  • Celebrate National Park & Recreation Month in style. Find more great looks.
  • It’s National Park & Recreation Month! Share you love for the great outdoors.

July 1: Canada Day

The first day of July marks the anniversary of the formation of Canada in 1867. The celebration is very similar to July 4th in the U.S. — celebrated with fireworks and parades.

Call-to-actions for Canada Day:

  • Oh Canada! Get some festive swag just in time for Canada Day.
  • Shop incredible Canada Day designs to show your pride.
  • Love Canada? We’ve got the perfect gifts for Canada Day!

July 14: Bastille Day (France)

Bastille Day (la Fête nationale) is another popular patriotic day in July, celebrating the “Storming of the Bastille” in 1789. While this holiday is biggest in France, Bastille Day is also celebrated across 11 other countries, including Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Call-to-actions for Bastille Day (France):

  • Vive la revolution! Get some festive swag just in time for Bastille Day!
  • Shop incredible Bastille Day designs to share your pride.
  • Love France? We’ve got the perfect gifts for Bastille Day.

Drive conversions with niche designs for July!

Source: Teechip’s Blog

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