How to Use Customer Reviews to Increase eCommerce Profits

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As we all know, reviews of customers about products are very important. It has a great influence on the purchasing decisions of visitors, turning visitors into customers. A product with many good reviews is sure to attract more visitors than an advertisement for that product. In fact, displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%. Therefore, in order to do business more effectively, we need to equip ourselves with ways to use customer reviews to generate more sales for your store.

Here are the best practices for getting the most out of reviews in your online business.

1. Search, aggregate, and publish real customer:

The first thing that you need to do to display all the customer reviews on your product is to integrate the best and free review apps available today. Through these apps, all customer reviews will be publicly visible on your product. These reviews may not necessarily be positive comments about the product, but they also provide you with the needs of your customers to help make your website’s products more diverse. You also do not feel too worried when there are bad reviews about the product, it not only helps you to improve and help your website bring the best experience to customers but also helps customers see that all of these comments are factual, incidental, not an arrangement or bribe of any kind. That will help increase the authenticity of your website more.

Noted marketing guru Neil Patel says of companies using reviews, “It builds trust and pushes the reader to dig a little deeper into their product. I highly recommend finding a way to take some of your reviews and sprinkle online testimonials throughout your website to help improve your conversion results and prompt further reviews”.

2. Encourage customers to review the products:

Customer satisfaction is the best way to promote product quality. Therefore, do not hesitate to offer suggestions and incentives to encourage customers to leave their experiences about using your service. You can leave suggestions and product links to review in the thank you email sent after a customer buys your product. There are many ways to send this message to customers. You can give a discount to a customer for the next purchase if the customer submits a review of the product, accumulate points for the review to apply for the next purchase, or send a voucher, etc. Encouraging customers to leave reviews not only serves your business purpose, it also helps customers feel they have a connection with your company, building your brand image in their hearts.

3. Respond to Reviews

Engaging with positive reviews humanizes your brand and people really appreciate small touches like this. Customers have spent their precious time reviewing your product, whether it’s a good review or a bad one, you need to respond to those reviews. It is this feedback that will help customers see that they are interested, and their product experiences are noticed by your company. That will make the process of discussing this product go more smoothly, From these contributions, your products and services will become more and more perfect.

An even more important thing is that you need to monitor your review pages and make sure you respond promptly, within the day at most, hopefully, a few hours after a review is placed.

Building a good relationship between your company and customers will help you achieve the desired sales, moreover, the customers will help you to spread this satisfaction to their friends and relatives. This is great!

4. Manage Negative Reviews Effectively

Although you have tried very hard to perfect the product before selling it, one thing is for sure that we cannot avoid mistakes since nobody’s perfect. And getting negative feedback gets upset when faced with it. However, when faced with this, you have to be really calm and handle it skillfully.

Maybe there is something wrong with your product and now you can fix it so that this doesn’t happen again, or maybe the customer wasn’t using the product correctly and now you have an opportunity to help them. Let’s reframe it into an opportunity instead of a threat, you will be more successful.

Let your customers see that you are on their side and work with them to solve the problem. This also helps other customers see that they are not abandoned after purchasing a product or service at your company.

5. Improve Your Digital Products

The most important thing to get good customer feedback is that your product must be really good. Even if it’s not perfect, you have to improve it every day. Your product is really good and will attract good reviews on its own, you don’t need to do much. Simple as that.

More than that, customer feedback is one of the essential tools you have to figure out which direction you should take your product, you need to capitalize on that valuable information, incorporate what you hear in reviews as you make improvements to your product, or even come up with ideas for future products.

6. Share Reviews On Social Media

The opinions of these users may influence the decisions of others. This behavior is clearly represented in the fact that a stunning 91 percent of shoppers turn to customer reviews before buying and that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal endorsement from a friend.

According to the social proof theory of Dr. Robert Cialdini (the Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University) essentially states that when a person doesn’t know what to do, they look to the actions of those around them.

If you get a particularly useful review, try pushing it out on your social media, Social media will grab the people that are already following you. With this, you may be able to move them down the funnel to becoming actual customers slowly. This will help you increase sales, achieve business efficiency.

So why when we have good feedback from customers we don’t publicize them on social networking sites?

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