Fourth of July Selling Guide

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Independence Day is coming up on July 4th.

Sell to the 214 million Americans celebrating this holiday.

The 4th of July is a time for Americans families to come together, have a cookout, watch fireworks, and express their patriotic pride in red, white, and blue apparel. In 2016, 88% of Americans celebrated Independence Day and 24.5% planned on purchasing patriotic merchandise (see more here).

As you can see above, men are slightly more likely to buy patriotic merchandise than women (10% difference). In addition, adults aged 18-44 carry the bulk of the sales.

What this means: The largest group of July 4th buyers is most likely men, aged 18-44. However, make sure to monitor your ad results and edit your target audience accordingly.

Create summer promos to increase sales

July 4th is more than a holiday—it’s a celebration of summer and outdoor fun. You can follow the lead of big-name retailers like Macy’s and Old Navy by hosting some summer promotions of your own. Increase your campaign activity with Fourth of July sales that spotlight warm-weather apparel like t-shirts and tank tops.

Launch promotions from June 11-27

As you can see below, consumers search for “patriotic shirts” primarily in June, with the optimal window between June 11 and June 27th. We recommend you get a head start in early June and continue to increase your ad budget as sales pick up.

PRO TIP – Have customers order by June 19th to ensure orders arrive in time for the Fourth of July.

Call-to-action ideas for 4th of July designs

General CTAs for July 4th ads

  • Wear your pride on your sleeve this Fourth of July! Get a custom patriotic shirt, just for you!
  • ‘Murica! July 4th is just around the corner—buy now before it’s too late!
  • Represent the America you love. Shop now for a truly American look this Independence Day.
  • Show what it really means to be an American this Fourth of July. Buy now and save XX% on our Independence Day sale.

Proud American CTAs

  • Stand out of the crowd this Fourth of July. Proudly printed in the USA.
  • Buy the shirt that says “I’m proud of my country.”
  • You gotta wear that red, white, and blue on July 4th! Buy the shirt to match your American pride.

Source: TeeChip Pro

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