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As an entrepreneur, you want to know precisely how much money you have earned.

The bigger your business becomes the more numbers flood in. At this point, calculating your ultimate True Profit gets a bit more complicated. Using Spreadsheets to manage all of these numbers has always been the standard practice. Or hasn’t it?

What if you find working with Spreadsheets too intimidating and time-consuming?

What if you want to see all the numbers that matter at a glance, anytime and anywhere?

What if you want to include all relevant data to make the final result more accurately reliable?

The team behind TrueProfit asked themselves the same questions as they’re also entrepreneurs. They’ve built a profit-tracking app that will help you do all the hard work. It’s called TrueProfit.

What is TrueProfit?

As the name suggests, it is an app that calculates your true profit. This means all the possible metrics related to Revenue and Costs are involved and calculated to generate a precise profit number at the end.

Then, TrueProfit takes a step further. It provides insights derived from its product and profit analytics. You are now better equipped to make data-driven business decisions.

Oversimplified calculations are inapt, while complex and mind-boggling ones are hidden. You can only see accurate results via a visually engaging experience.

How does TrueProfit work?

TrueProfit can automatically pull in data from your Shopify Shop and other channels like Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, etc. It also allows you to input data manually and to set rules for calculations if needed.

Then TrueProfit does the math and displays results in a real-time manner. The metrics are shown in order of importance, while charts illustrate trends and comparisons.

TrueProfit is available on both Web App and Mobile App. The latter allows you to get an update on the go; the former enables you to add and modify the data.

You can also receive reports via email with the frequency of your choosing (daily, weekly and monthly).

What are the highlighted features of True Profit?

Complex Costs Tracking:

Cost numbers are assembled, all in one place. They can be the essentials like Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Ad Spend, Shipping Cost, and Transaction Fees as well as customizable costs.

Ad-Spend Synchronization

Managing multiple-platform Ad Spends is a complete no-brainer. TrueProfit can synchronize data from your Google, Facebook, Bing, and Snapchat Ads Accounts as parts of your cost structuring.

Meticulous Shipping Cost Set-up

We all know that shipping-cost calculating pretty much relies on variants like country and quantity of items. Set the rules for every shipping, knowing that things can’t go wrong with TrueProfit.

Automated Profit Calculations

Once your cost structure is set up, TrueProfit warrants rigorous, quick, and automated calculations for an accurate final result.

Utilizable Insights

Act upon the insights provided by TrueProfit at Product Analytics. Knowing the metrics such as Views, Adds to cart, ATC rate, Purchases, Conversion Rate, and Revenue can be crucial for decision making.

Lifetime Value (LTV)

Understand how valuable your customers are to your e-commerce business over a period of time. Measure your business growth and decide where to invest your money next.

Stay updated on the go

The Mobile App of TrueProfit shows you the numbers that matter to your business the most. Whether you’re a single-store or multiple-store owner, you can know your business’s financial health right from your pocket.

If all of these sound good to you, here is what many of us would concern next: it’s how much to pay.

The TrueProfit app currently comes with one pricing plan: the Premium. After a 14-day free trial, it will cost you $19.95/month for full access to all the cool and powerful features.

Try TrueProfit here, see what you can do to make your business more profitable.

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