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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve and maintaining a visually appealing online store is paramount. One way to achieve this is by regularly updating your Shopify store’s theme to keep it fresh and engaging for your customers. However, manually coordinating these theme updates can be a time-consuming and often challenging task. That’s where theme scheduler apps come to the rescue! These remarkable tools offer an effortless solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs, allowing them to schedule theme updates with precision and ease. In this article, we’ll explore the top 8+ best theme scheduler apps for Shopify that can help you automate the process of publishing your themes, so you can focus on what truly matters—building and growing your business. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual updates and hello to a more streamlined and efficient way of managing your Shopify store’s appearance.

Here is the list of the best theme scheduler apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Theme Scheduler Pro

Efficiently managing the publication of your website themes is a critical aspect of maintaining a professional online presence, particularly when running time-sensitive promotions. However, this often entails making modifications beyond the confines of standard office hours, leading to late-night or early-morning adjustments that can leave you feeling fatigued and apprehensive. Enter Theme Scheduler Pro, a solution designed to streamline this process by automating the intricacies of theme updates, providing you with peace of mind and much-needed rest. With Theme Scheduler Pro, you have the power to select a specific date and time for your theme to go live, allowing you to relinquish the burden of manual theme publishing and focus on what truly matters – the success of your online enterprise.

Pricing: $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5.0


  • Save time by automating theme publishing. Schedule when your theme will update.
  • Monitor Theme Changes. Stay informed with the activity feed.
  • Developer API. Build your own scheduler with the developer-friendly API.


2. Valet: Theme Schedule & Delete

Achieving precision in theme scheduling and maintaining a clutter-free theme repository has never been easier. Introduce Valet, the premier application designed to revolutionize theme management for discerning merchants with busy schedules. Valet empowers you to effortlessly schedule theme deployments, guaranteeing that your website maintains a polished and contemporary appearance at all times. However, Valet goes beyond the ordinary – it offers an intelligent feature that automatically purges undesired themes based on their names, ensuring that your online store dashboard remains uncluttered and efficient, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: the growth and success of your e-commerce enterprise.

Pricing: $4.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 3.6


  • Schedules theme on time for a sale, event
  • Auto deletes unwanted themes
  • Have multiple jobs running at the same time


3. Theme Scheduler

Strategically orchestrating the publication of your promotional-themed content has never been as effortless or as worry-free. Welcome to this distinguished application, a trusted choice that has garnered the confidence of over 100 esteemed Shopify Plus stores. In the fast-paced world of online promotions, precision and timing are paramount. Often, the most effective promotions unfold outside traditional office hours, often during weekends when your focus should be on leisure and relaxation. However, fret not, for our application presents the ideal solution. It empowers you to take control of your promotional campaign by allowing you to schedule the publication of your themed content precisely when it matters most, granting you the tranquility to savor your precious spare time without the burden of professional concerns.

Pricing: $6.95/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 5.0


  • Schedule as many themes as you want
  • View and edit the timeline of themes you have scheduled to be published
  • Support for all timezones and changes in daylight saving time


4. Alfred: Theme Scheduler

Unlock newfound efficiency and precision in your storefront’s theme management to optimize sales and promotions effortlessly. Introducing Alfred: Theme Scheduler, the ultimate toolset tailored for Shopify store marketing professionals. With Alfred, the process of orchestrating sales events and promotions is streamlined to perfection through pre-scheduled theme adjustments. Whether you’re orchestrating a seasonal sale or a special event, Alfred empowers you to automate theme publication and seamless reversion to your default theme. Define start and end dates with unparalleled ease, enhancing your store’s visual appeal and bolstering its sales potential during promotional events, all without the burden of manual theme publication. Elevate your marketing game and maximize your store’s impact—experience the Alfred advantage today.

Pricing: $7/month. 14-day free trial.


  • Seamlessly schedule unlimited theme changes.
  • Time-bound events with optional automatic theme reversion.
  • Preview or customize the selected theme to ensure the correct theme is set.
  • Effortlessly view and manage schedules within Shopify admin.


5. Theme On Time ‑ Schedule Theme

Streamline and automate your sales operations with unparalleled ease. Seamlessly schedule theme modifications to align perfectly with your sales calendar. Let automation take the lead in coordinating your theme publication with your online sale times, akin to the capabilities of LaunchPad but without the requirement of Shopify Plus.

For e-commerce proprietors, maintaining an online store with constantly evolving graphics and content can become an arduous undertaking. However, with Theme on Time by Minion Made, designed specifically for Shopify and Shopify Plus users, the solution lies in automation. Empower your website to remain consistently up-to-date on your terms by automating your theme changes. Discover a new level of efficiency and precision in managing your online presence.

Pricing: $5/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5.0


  • Automate Theme Publishing – Schedule a specific date and time.
  • Prompt Promotions & Sales – Start your sales & promotions on time, every time.
  • Increase SEO Exposure – This helps increase SEO with consistent indexing.


6. Theme Changer

Streamline your theme management and elevate your promotional endeavors to a new level of sophistication. Begin by meticulously scheduling events for theme publication, affording you the flexibility to seamlessly transition to a different theme post-event, thereby enabling effective A/B testing. The execution of successful promotional campaigns demands a structured approach: commence by duplicating your current theme, meticulously fine-tune banners and implement customizations tailored to your campaign objectives, and finally, execute the update. It’s worth noting that promotions and changes often perform optimally during your leisure hours. Enter Theme Changer, your ultimate ally in this process. Simply configure your events effortlessly, then sit back and unwind while Theme Changer takes charge of the publication process on your behalf, ensuring impeccable timing and a hassle-free experience for your campaigns.

Pricing: $4.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 4.2


  • Plan your promotions and your theme updates
  • Automatically publish your themes in the day and hour selected
  • After the event is finished you can publish a different theme
  • Edit or cancel your event
  • Enjoy your spare time with your family and friends and let the app work for you


7. ScheduleBee ‑ Event scheduler

Effortlessly orchestrate the release of your themes and products with precision using ScheduleBee. This app is the definitive scheduling solution tailored for your Shopify store. Unleash the power to govern your product and theme launches like never before. With ScheduleBee’s seamless integration, you can seamlessly strategize and automate your store’s theme and product publications, guaranteeing punctual unveilings and updates. Bid farewell to the drudgery of manual tasks and missed prospects. Elevate your sales, captivate your audience, and elevate your brand with impeccably timed content deliveries. Welcome to a new era of control and success in e-commerce.

Pricing: Free plan available


  • Schedule exactly when a theme should be published
  • Publish or unpublish products
  • Supports all timezones


8. Schedule Theme Changes

Experience the convenience of Schedule Theme Changes, your trusted ally in precise timing and executing theme updates. Say goodbye to late-night manual adjustments and reclaim your valuable time. Whether you have a continuous stream of promotions and sales or simply want to optimize your workflow, Schedule Theme Changes has you covered. When you set a schedule, the app seamlessly backs up your live theme settings and stores them for the staging theme, ensuring a smooth transition when your chosen time and date arrive. Streamline your website management and seize control of your schedule today.

Pricing: $4.99/month




In the dynamic world of e-commerce, effective theme management is a key factor in staying ahead of the competition and maximizing your online store’s potential. We’ve explored the top 8+ best theme scheduler apps for Shopify, each offering unique features and capabilities to simplify your theme updates and optimize your website’s performance.

From the seamless automation of themes to the precision of scheduled releases, these apps provide you with the tools you need to make the most of your Shopify store. Whether you’re running constant promotions, planning theme changes, or simply seeking to streamline your workflow, there’s a theme scheduler app to suit your needs.

In conclusion, the right theme scheduler app can save you time, boost your brand’s efficiency, and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers. As you consider which app aligns with your objectives, remember that successful e-commerce is about more than just selling products—it’s about creating a seamless and engaging online presence. Choose the app that best complements your strategy, and watch as your Shopify store thrives with optimized themes and timely updates.

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