Top 4+ Best Marquee-like Content Scrolling Apps For Shopify

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When it comes to creating an engaging and interactive shopping experience on your Shopify store, incorporating dynamic elements like marquee-like content scrolling can make a significant impact. These scrolling effects not only grab visitors’ attention but also provide an effective way to showcase important messages, promotions, or featured products. To help you enhance your Shopify store’s visual appeal and engagement, we have compiled a list of the top marquee-like content scrolling apps available. These apps are designed specifically for Shopify and offer an array of features to make your scrolling content stand out. Let’s dive in and explore these remarkable apps!

Here is the list of the best Shopify Marquee-like Content Scrolling apps in 2024:

1. Hura Theme Blocks

Hura Theme Blocks offers a number of app blocks that you can use to make beautiful layouts in the Online Store 2.0 theme. It includes 2 blocks: Scrolling Text, and Scrolling Logo. These are the block to allow you can add the marquee scrolling text or image to your Shopify store. The app doesn’t leave any code behind or change the liquid code for your theme. After you install the app, you can use the app blocks in the Shopify Theme Editor.


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2. Fab Infinite Marquee ‑ Ticker

This Shopify app helps to add a catchy infinite marquee announcement bar, and scrolling text to your Shopify store.

The marquee announcement bar is highly customizable and supports text, images, logos, icons, and emojis. Additionally, it allows you to add multiple marquees on a single page.


  • Easy installation and quick setup
  • Powerful customization with images, logos, icons, and emojis support
  • Change font, style, colors, size, animation speed, and direction
  • Add as many announcement marquees on one page as you like
  • Add links to your marquee and stop animation on hover


3. Simple Marquee

Simple Marquee is perfect for displaying important announcements, promotions, or news updates, ensuring that your customers stay informed and engaged while browsing your store. Designed to optimize your store’s performance, this application offers seamless integration with the theme editor and a user-friendly experience. You can easily customize your marquee message, choose its font, color, size, and speed – and more!


4. Ticker & Notice

Ticker & Notice is an easy way to create an Announcement Bar, News Bar, or Scrolling Bar. With this customizable application, you can easily create and display eye-catching tickers for specific products and collections, as well as add links to drive traffic and sales. Plus, the flexible design allows you to insert the ticker into the header or any other desired location on your website.



Adding marquee-like scrolling effects to your Shopify store can significantly enhance user engagement and make your website more visually appealing. The top 4 Shopify apps mentioned in this article – Hura Theme Blocks, Fab Infinite Marquee, Ticker & Notice, and Simple Marquee – offer powerful features, ease of use, and customization options to help you create captivating scrolling content. Experiment with these apps to find the perfect

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