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Do you want to allow customers to add a tip for your staff at your Shopify store? Shopify Tip Jar Apps are an easy way for you. They make it easy for your users to give you a tip if they like your staff or what you’re offering.

Here is a list of the best Tip Jar apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Tip Jar

Tip Jar lets your customers add gratuity or custom upcharges to their order before entering checkout. It is compatible with 3rd party payment providers (PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc).

Place the Tip Jar widget on your site (cart page, product page, etc). A customer selects a tip amount in your store’s currency then clicks the button to add the tip.

The tip is added to their cart and processed along with their order at checkout.

You can put the Tip Jar snippet anywhere in your theme. You can change the design however you’d like, edit options in-app like:

  • Tip options
  • Button text before and after tip added
  • Colors, font size, and more

Tip Jar can also be used to accept donations, gift wrapping or any upcharges.


2. TipGenius ‑ Tipping Pop‑up

TipGenius gives your customers the option of adding a tip or donation to their order after they hit the checkout button.

It does this by displaying an attention-grabbing pop-up dialog box which is completely customizable, so you can change the call-to-action, currency and tipping or donation amounts to whatever you want!

And if you customer has already added a tip, they won’t be bothered again.

TipGenius also has advanced features:

  • Auto-fulfill tips
  • Only show the pop-up only when certain products are in the cart

TipGenius has been designed to encourage tipping or donating and is extremely effective at converting customers.

With TipGenius, your customers can:

  • Tip delivery staff
  • Donate to worthy causes
  • Thank the folks behind the scenes
  • Show you they care


3. Easy Tip ‑ Gratuity & Tips

This Shopify app is the tips and donations app to increase your store’s average ticket.


  • Dashboard with accurate reports
  • Layout customization
  • Payment settings
  • Style and cores of controls

With this app your customers can:

  • Tip your team
  • Show you that they matter
  • Donate to worthy causes
  • Incentivize commissions and more


In addition to these applications listed above, you can refer to the best Donations Apps for Shopify to collect donations.

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