The Best List of Shopify Donations Apps

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In many cases, online nonprofit organizations are able to secure funds faster by reaching out to donors worldwide. Donors can simply press a button and the amount is transferred to the intended nonprofit organization.

If you want to use your business to support your favorite causes and charities, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. These Shopify apps make collecting donations easy, allowing you and your customers to give back to nonprofits and charitable causes.

Here is a list of what I believe are the most suitable Shopify donation apps.

1. Easy Donation


Easy donation app provides a donation option to customers, who want to donate some amount to charity. The store merchants have to specify the charity organization so that the customers can get to know to which organization they are donating.

A donation section can be added from the backend/dashboard settings. The store owner can configure whether to display them on the cart page or the product page. The store owner can also add donation titles, descriptions, and images, and select an amount option for each of the donation boxes. Once the app is configured from the backend and is enabled, it will be displayed on the store on the cart page or product page as per the configuration.

2. Round Up for Charity


Empower your customers to round up their checkout total and donate a few cents to a charity you choose!

Round Up for Charity is the landmark social good initiative used by Shopify merchants worldwide. This program adds a small checkbox above the “checkout” button on your store’s shopping cart page to allow your customers to round up they’re subtotal and direct that amount to charity.

Customers love the opportunity to be able to support non-profits in an easy and unintrusive way.

Once you install the program everything automatically runs in the background. Donations are collected each week or month depending on your transaction volume. You can track how many donations are collected at any time directly from the Round-Up app in your Shopify administrator panel.

Seamlessly integrate this program and let it run in the background. You never have to worry about installation or maintenance.

Once you install the app customers will be given the option to donate an additional few cents to the charity that the Shopify store owner selects. These donations will automatically be debited from your account. We will also provide an annual summary of all donations that you can provide to your accountant which will satisfy all IRS requirements.

Each month, the Round-Up will aggregate all the donations received deduct a modest amount to maintain and update the app and forward your donation to the partner charity you have selected.

3. Share The Love by W3


Share The Love allows store owners to harness the purchasing power of their customers to help make the world a better place.

This app allows shop owners to create a list of causes they want to support and when a customer checks out they can choose what cause from the list they want a portion of their payment to go toward.

This app allows you to collect either a flat amount per order or a percentage of the cart total and records what cause is selected.

Example: You can donate 20% of each purchase to a charity, or you can give $5 for every purchase made

The donation is optional and doesn’t interfere with the checkout process if a cause is not selected.

4. Pay What You Want


This app establishes “elastic pricing” on your store – it lets your customers pay what they want for your products, opening the door for donations, like the hundreds of non-profits and religious organizations that use PWYW.

All you have to do is simply choose a minimum price and add the “PWYW” tag to your product and this app does the rest – it will add a special field to your product page, allowing users to enter their desired price.

5. One Tree Planted at Checkout


Want to make environmental sustainability a part of your business? This app is FREE and provides a pop-up at checkout asking your customers if they would like to plant a tree for $1.00.

If they say yes, $1.00 is added to their order as a donation to One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Vermont. Every dollar donated will plant one tree with our reforestation partners around the world.

6. Shop for Good


Shop for Good is a custom toolkit that aligns brands with the causes their customers care about most. Increase conversions & deepen brand affinity with easy to launch giving campaigns.


  • Donate for Discount: Incentivize customers to donate with a percentage off or a flat amount off their purchase.
  • Direct Donation: Embed a donation option on every product page to put giving front and center.

7. Crowd Funding


Crowd Funding uses a small amount of money from a huge mass of individuals to initiate/fund a Project/Business Venture/Non-Profit Organization. The App is very useful for businesses requires funding.

8. Samaritan Goods


Samaritan Goods makes it easy to support a cause you care about by connecting your store with social impact projects.

Samaritan Goods allows you to automate donations based on product sales with you in full control. Once you install the app, Samaritan Goods will sync with the products in your store. Then, simply:

  • Choose a project to support
  • Activate the products that, when sold, trigger a donation
  • Enter the amount to donate for each product you activate

9. Give & Grow


Every time someone buys something from your online store, Give & Grow gives them the option to pick which organization they want a portion of the proceeds to go to. This donation Shopify app allows store owners to choose from over a million non-profits in countries all over the world, it includes lots of customization option, and it comes with a dashboard you can use to track the impact your business is making in the lives of others.

10. i=Change


i=Change makes it simple and powerful to give back $1 with every sale, engage every customer in your purpose, and turn every purchase into a memorable experience.

Firstly, your i=Change platform is customized to your brand and the charity projects you wish to support. (This is based on the NGO’s on which i=Change has done due-diligence). Simply integrated, the platform appears on your ‘order confirmation’ page after checkout. It becomes every customer’s final experience.

Your business gives back to life-changing projects with every sale. Your customers get to choose where it goes. They can also track their impact to your live giving page, to see in real-time how much their purchase has helped raise and its impact on people’s lives.

Customers can also add a donation of their own.

i=Change is partnered with best practice not-for-profit organizations, focused on women’s and girls’ empowerment.

Today more than ever, consumers (millennials especially), want to buy from retailers that have a purpose beyond product – and are committed to being a force for good.

i=Change’s pre-purchase banners are also increasing conversions / reducing abandon-cart for brands when letting customers know on the basket page – before checkout – that completing their purchase will impact someone else’s life.

11. Change Commerce ‑ Donation App


Change Commerce empowers frictionless giving directly from your store. By providing customers a choice to select their favorite charity to support – every purchase has the power to create an engaging and authentic moment with your customer.


  • Fully managed end-to-end donation process (all donations are tax-deductible)
  • Select up to 6 cause nonprofits or portfolios to support
  • Customize donations to be a percentage of purchases or a flat dollar of purchases
  • Set custom donation amounts on specific products or collections
  • Exclude or multiply specific donations for specific causes
  • Choose a product page widget style that fits your brand
  • Gain exclusive data & business insights (donation AOV, donation conversion rate, etc.)
  • Exclude which causes or categories of causes you want to distance yourself from
  • Activate with influencers or personalization using dynamic URL parameters
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