Top 2+ Shopify Apps For Creating Handwritten Notes

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where personalization and genuine connections with customers are paramount, replicating the warmth and authenticity of handwritten notes can work wonders. Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, empowers online merchants with a multitude of tools, including powerful apps designed to enhance customer engagement. In this exploration of the “Top 2+ Shopify Apps for Creating Handwritten Notes“, we delve into innovative solutions that bridge the gap between digital convenience and the heartfelt charm of personalized messages. These apps not only streamline the process of generating handwritten notes but also enable businesses to foster meaningful relationships with their clientele, ultimately setting the stage for elevated customer loyalty and brand distinction. Join us as we unveil the potential of these remarkable Shopify apps in transforming the way modern businesses connect with their customers on a deeply personal level.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for creating handwritten notes in 2024

1. Handwrytten: Handwritten Notes

Elevate your brand’s resonance through the art of personalized communication. Introducing Handwrytten, an automated solution that seamlessly delivers handwritten notes, adorned with authenticity and charm. Aspire to cultivate unwavering brand loyalty while igniting the spark for recurrent sales.

With Handwrytten, the fusion of technology and tradition harmoniously brings forth handwritten notes crafted with the grace of a tangible pen. Each note, an embodiment of your brand essence, finds its place in your distinct stationery, enriched further by the inclusion of business cards, exclusive coupons, and other bespoke inserts. The notes themselves come alive in a truly custom and lifelike handwriting style, an achievement made possible through our pioneering robotic technology. The marvel extends to even mirroring your personal handwriting style, incorporating your signature for a genuinely intimate touch.

The realm of possibilities unfurls as notes are orchestrated to flow in harmony with pre-defined triggers such as inaugural purchases, designated expenditure thresholds, and beyond. This orchestration of personalized engagement is only limited by the contours of imagination, paving the way for a realm of endless potential.

Step into a world where automation fuses seamlessly with the personal, evoking emotional connections and enriching the customer journey. Handwrytten is not merely a solution; it’s the artistry of forging lasting relationships and cultivating brand longevity through the timeless elegance of the handwritten word.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0


  • Rules-based system. Automatically send notes when criteria are met.
  • Write your card on custom stationery. Feature products or your logo on the card.
  • All notes are written in real pen, on thick greeting card stock.
  • Optionally personalize cards with your own signature or include custom inserts.


2. Scribeless | Handwritten notes

Enhance your customer engagement strategy with the artistry of handwritten direct mail, tailored for both valued patrons and promising prospects. Elevate the personalized essence of your business operations, imparting a distinct touch that resonates profoundly.

Experience a remarkable surge of 31% in customer retention through the implementation of automated handwritten marketing endeavors, meticulously orchestrated to dispatch handwritten mail post-purchase. Immerse your brand in the realm of tangible sincerity, as handwritten missives inherently command attention, transcending the digital deluge that engulfs your clientele on a daily basis.

Seize the opportunity to fortify connections with premier clients by meticulously following up on their orders, establishing an enduring presence within their awareness. Address abandoned carts with finesse, reclaiming opportunities that might have otherwise slipped away. Witness an amplification in customer loyalty and the valuable currency of product reviews.

Enrich the overall tapestry of your customer experience by incorporating personalized QR codes, seamlessly weaving together the realms of personal touch and technological innovation. In this paradigm shift towards cultivated authenticity, these sophisticated measures coalesce to exemplify the epitome of contemporary customer relations, ultimately setting your enterprise on a trajectory of unparalleled distinction.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.3


  • Automatic direct mail, sent from our facilities in the US, UK & CA.
  • Luxury materials, with real stamps applied to the envelope or postcard.
  • AI-powered “handwriting” – 99% of people can’t tell the difference.



In the intricate tapestry of modern commerce, where digital transactions often overshadow personal connections, the advent of the “Top 2+ Shopify Apps for Creating Handwritten Notes” heralds a new era of customer engagement. The fusion of technological prowess with the sentimental charm of handwritten communication has redefined the way businesses forge connections with their clientele. As we conclude our exploration of these remarkable Shopify apps, it becomes evident that the power to infuse authenticity and thoughtfulness into each interaction has never been more attainable.

These apps stand as beacons of innovation, offering automated solutions that retain the intimate quality of a handwritten note while optimizing processes for efficiency and scalability. The allure of personalized direct mail resonates deeply, capturing attention amidst the digital noise and fostering enduring relationships. By seamlessly incorporating handwritten touches into post-purchase gratitude, order follow-ups, cart recovery, and personalized QR codes, businesses can elevate customer loyalty, garner reviews, and enrich the overall brand experience.

In the end, the “Top 2+ Shopify Apps for Creating Handwritten Notes” transcend mere technology. They embody a strategic approach to humanizing e-commerce, underscoring the significance of genuine connections in an increasingly virtual landscape. By embracing these tools, businesses embark on a journey where each handwritten note becomes a testament to their commitment to authenticity, leaving an indelible mark on customers and setting new standards for excellence in customer relations.

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