5+ Best Shopify Product Auction Apps

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Over the past few years, online auctions have gained a rapid increase in popularity. If you are looking to create a small auction feature on your Shopify store, then you must check these articles. In this article, we’ll share our handpicked list of the best auction apps for Shopify.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Product Auction apps in 2024:

1. Product Auction

Start an Online Auction Store using the Product Auction App. As the app comes with numerous features that will help you create online auctions and manage them with ease. The Product Auction app will allow the auction on the product in some simple steps and not only this you can easily monitor the auctions and the bidding details. The simple interface and free installation will surely be of help in getting started.


  • Admin can create and manage auctions for any product
  • Set increment rules and the increment gaps while creating Auctions
  • Reserve Price – The minimum price which must be reached, to have the winner.
  • Add Bulk Auctions via CSV file
  • Joining Fee – Check the authenticity of the auctions, by keeping a small joining fee for the customers to join the auction
  • Delete auction as and when required
  • Automatic emails sent at multiple events
  • A notification panel for Admin to view the bids
  • Admin can edit the labels for front end
  • Admin can edit/delete the recent bid placed by Customer
  • Option to manually end the bid
  • Admin can even restart unsuccessful auction
  • Multiple Auction Widget Layout.
  • Declare Multiple Winner for an Auction
  • Proxy Bidding – The customer can place an automatic bid, and will not have to place a manual bid again and again
  • Customers can view bidding history
  • Real-Time Auction update on Product Page

It’s an easy 3 step process :

  • Select the product.
  • Add the start date and end date for the auction.
  • Set the base price and the reserve price.

Select from the numerous configuration setting in the app as per your requirement and have the auction of your expectation.

  • Design Configuration: Change or reset the look of the front end and design by changing the color of the background, themes, button text, label, and much more.
  • Label Configuration: Edit the labels for buttons on the front and rename them as per your requirements such as changing the label of place my bid, bid end date, and much more.
  • Mail Configuration: Change the contents of the email and also enable/disable the emails for the specific action.


2. Tipo Product Auction

By using the Tipo Product Auction app, the store owners can hold their own online actions and control these auctions efficiently. Besides, this app visibly attracts a lot of potential customers. Thus, enlarging profits and increasing the conversion rate for the Shopify store. As an administrator, You can easily set up the auction feature for any products in his store as well as monitor all the biddings inside the app. You can also track bidding activity logs and auction sales.

Set up products for the auction

  • Reserve Price: this feature defines the hidden minimum price that you are willing to accept for the bidding item. If the Closing price is lower than the Reverse price, there is no winning bidder. This option helps store owners avoid financial losses on sale items.
  • Bid Increment: This option defines the minimum amount an auction bid must be raised each time the current highest bid is surpassed.
  • Bid Increment in a specific gap: This option defines the bid increments in specific price amount ranges.
  • Dynamic Closing: This feature defines the extended time for the auction after the last bid has been placed. It protects shoppers from having items taken away from them during the last few seconds of the bidding period. This extended bidding time feature certainly helps avoid online auction snipping software.
  • Buyout price: This option defines the price value that the store owner expects to sell this item. Whenever someone places a bid that reaches this price value, the auction will be closed automatically. Proxy bid (Auto-bidding): This auto-bidding system makes bidding more convenient. Shoppers need to enter the maximum bidding amount they are willing to pay. After that, the system will auto-re-bid whenever someone places another bid until the current bidding amount reaches the defined maximum bidding amount.


3. CodeBox Auction

With CodeBox Auction, the auction is really simple to set up an auction, monitor it, and keep track of all activity. The logs also make it easy to observe what’s going on.


  • Auction: Make an auction for a single item or for the entire store.
  • Date Time Based: Merchant can create an auction based on a specific day and time.
  • Start Price: This option offers you choose the lowest price at which you want to begin bidding on a product, which can help you prevent losing money on products you’re selling.
  • Bid incrementation: This specifies that the minimum auction bid amount must be raised after each placement of the predetermined highest bid.
  • Aggressive Closing: The auction is completely in the hands of the merchants, who also have the power to end it at any time.
  • Reserve Price: The product could be purchased at the reserve price if a consumer decides not to participate in the auction.
  • Declare Winner: The admin may observe the auction bidding and declare the winner, after which the consumer can complete the order by checking out.


4. Auction Pro

Auction Pro is a Shopify app allowing you to offer auctions for your products. The features of this app allow you to transform your store into an eBay-like auction platform allowing you to generate more revenue and profit. Managing and creating auctions is simple using the intuitive user interface (UI), and documentation and video tutorials can be referenced for more information on using the app.

The app is simple to set up and use allowing you to put up a live auction on your e-commerce store in a matter of minutes.

In addition, Auction Pro can provide the opportunity to differentiate your store from competitors by offering a distinguished customer experience to sell your products.


5. Dropit Auctions

Run fast and competitive reverse auctions with Dropit, where hype-driven demand fuels customers to win and buy their desired item. A uniquely epic customer experience like no other. Your customers experience FOMO in real time, competing in the race to buy, while you watch your sell-through soar.

Designed to handle thousands of customers, sit on the edge of your seat, and let Dropit dynamically create and manage fast and competitive reverse auctions and high-demand transactions.

Once the drop starts the theatre begins. The clock will tick down 60 seconds as your customers watch the price fall triggering them into action. There can only be one winner – the first customer to click BUY NOW wins the drop auction and is moved through to checkout to purchase at their bid price – provided it is above your reserve price.


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