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Dropshipping is a popular and profitable way to sell products online without having to deal with inventory, warehousing, or shipping. However, finding reliable and high-quality suppliers can be a challenge, especially for niche products like live plants.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 2+ best Shopify plant dropship apps that you can use to source and sell beautiful and healthy plants in your store. These apps allow you to easily import products from reputable growers, track inventory and orders, and offer fast and safe delivery to your customers.

Whether you are looking for succulents, cacti, tropical plants, or bonsai trees, you will find something to suit your store’s theme and style. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of selling plants, such as attracting eco-conscious customers, increasing customer loyalty, and boosting your store’s aesthetics.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best Shopify plant dropship apps in 2024:

1. House Plant Dropship

House Plant Dropship is another excellent Shopify app for dropshipping houseplants. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your store with its dropshipping program, sync its products, and start selling houseplants directly to your customers. House Plant Dropship does everything for you in the background, from packing to shipping, so you can focus on marketing and customer service.

With House Plant Dropship, you can choose from hundreds of plant products from its catalog, ranging from succulents and cacti to ferns and palms. All plants are grown in California and Florida and shipped to the contiguous US. House Plant Dropship uses discreet and secure packaging that protects your plants from damage and pests. Orders are automatically fulfilled when a customer buys from you, so you don’t have to worry about inventory or logistics.

House Plant Dropship is the premier service offering house plant dropshipping for 5 years. It is trusted by many Shopify store owners who want to offer their customers a green and natural touch to their homes.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


  • Orders are automatically fulfilled when a customer buys from you.
  • Offer hundreds of plant products from the catalog in your store, discreetly.
  • Keep peace of mind that inventory, packaging, and shipping have been handled.


2. Plantboy ‑ Live Plant Dropship

Plantboy is one of the most popular Shopify apps for dropshipping live plants. It offers a one-stop solution for adding products to your store, tracking inventory, and fulfilling orders. Plantboy handles everything, from growing to shipping, so you don’t have to worry about the quality or logistics of your plants.

With Plantboy, you can access a wide variety of plants (over 50 varieties) that are grown in the USA following USDA-approved and licensed practices. You can also customize your product descriptions, prices, and images to match your store’s branding. Plantboy ships from its greenhouses in Florida to the contiguous US (lower 48) within 3-5 business days, using custom-designed packaging that ensures your plants arrive healthy and happy.

Plantboy is a great fit for stores in home & garden, gifts, or natural goods niches. If you want to sell live plants without the dirty work, Plantboy is the app for you.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


  • Inventory tracking, growing, packaging, and fulfillment, all are handled
  • Expand your online catalog by offering live plants with zero business risk.
  • Great fit for stores in home & garden, gifts, or natural goods.
  • Offer a wide variety online (50+ varieties).
  • All plants are grown in the USA following USDA-approved and licensed practices.



In conclusion, the top 2+ best Shopify Plant Dropship apps offer a transformative solution for businesses entering the online plant sales market. These apps streamline inventory, warehousing, and shipping, providing diverse plant products with fast, secure delivery and automatic order fulfillment. Notably, they appeal to eco-conscious consumers, aligning your store with sustainability, and fostering customer loyalty through convenience. The aesthetic enhancement of adding live plants to your store sets it apart, creating visually appealing and nature-infused shopping experiences. The choice of the right Shopify Plant Dropship App is pivotal for e-commerce success, and we trust this article guides you in finding the most suitable one for your needs, empowering your business in the competitive online marketplace.

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