The Best Shopify Video Review Apps

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More and more stores are turning to integrating product review videos instead of boring text that few people take the time to read. The product review videos offer a lot of benefits, and information quickly, through an easy-to-consume medium. That’s probably why most of the shoppers(who use a product or service) prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service than to read an article, videos get higher click-through rates. If you want your store to be integrated with such a utility tool, these are great suggestions for you.

Here is the list of the best Shopify video review apps in 2024:

1. Gander: Video Reviews & UGC

Gander is a powerful, easy-to-deploy video content solution that enables merchants to increase their conversion rates by adding high-quality video reviews right on their Shopify stores. Take your customer engagement and product reviews to a whole new level without slowing down your site speed.


  • Increase your conversion rate and AOV through personalized recommendations displayed in real-time alongside relevant products.
  • Embed video reviews on product pages, collection pages, and cart pages within minutes.
  • Adjust your solution to match the look & feel of your brand.
  • Understand exactly how your videos are performing through the dashboard and conversion reports.


2. Tikok Feed + Video Reviews

It is indeed a well-known fact that browsing through videos on the internet is on the rise. News and opinions have become widely shared on social media networks, driving video-related sales up a high percent last year alone. Raveo helps you to easily include your TikTok videos or the videos by your customers in your online store easily. You can easily create a TikTok video gallery and embed it in your store. Your customers can easily view and see products related to this video and increase their trust in your customers.


3. Video Reviews & UGC ‑ Vimonial

Vimonial is a UGC video review platform for collecting compelling and authentic video reviews from your most satisfied customers. Instantly increase your on-site conversion rates by displaying authentic customer video reviews at critical phases of the buyer’s journey.

Besides that, this app will build trust with social proof by collecting and using the user-generated content that matters most to your customers. Video testimonials in particular increase trust in your brand and products. Display the collected UGC-Content on your Product and Site pages for higher conversion rates.


4. Video Reviews & Testimonials

Get VideoRepute app to increase your sales with video testimonials and reviews. Automatically collect video testimonials and showcase them on any product page. Install the app, customize your widget and collector page, and let it do the rest. All you need to do is decide what goes live and what doesn’t.


5. Bestever Video Review

Brands can now tap into a pool of engaging and authentic video reviews created by real people on Bestever. Bestever saves you the hassle of trying to find your own creators and producing your own videos. It has shown great early promise in reducing cart abandonment and improving the conversion rate. Bestever videos will be automatically embedded onto your site where visitors can see glowing recommendations of your products from real people. Moreover, it gives you the key info you need at a glance. You can see the impressions, video playtime, and how many shoppers are choosing to buy after watching the videos.


6. Recoup Video Reviews

Today, consumers look for user-submitted videos before buying and often trust videos over written reviews. That’s why Recoup is built. Recoup is the fast and easy way to collect and share video reviews that help your brand. With just a few seconds of setup, Recoup helps you collect more video reviews than any other solution. With Recoup you can easily: Send automated email Review Requests, Post Review Requests on Social Media and Reward reviewers with promo codes, etc.


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