How to create image gallery or slideshow with Facebook album on Shopify store

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Facebook Album by Anh Kiet

Facebook Album by Anh Kiet is a Shopify app for showing Facebook Albums into your Shopify store. You can show album of a page as a gallery or slideshow. You can show multiple galleries or slideshows of multiple albums on one page.

Images are not downloaded to your server. It’s goes to viewers browser directly from Facebook’s Server. As a result you save hosting space and bandwidth and your user gets fast page load. No more hosting your images on your own server. Use the servers of Facebook instead and show them in your site.

Also you don’t need to learn some new interface for image upload. You can manage your photos directly on Facebook with the interface you’re already familiar with.


Facebook Image Gallery – Stopped working

Facebook Image Gallery is the simplest and the nicest image gallery for Shopify. You only need to choose a Facebook album (yours or any public album) and a place to display it and your gallery is ready. The whole process takes just a few seconds.
It is fully responsive:

  • It displays awesome on any device and screen size
  • The gallery will adapt to screen size changes
  • The album can be browsed with touch gestures


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