The Best Shopify Apps To Alternative The Combined Listings App

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Shopify has just launched the Editions Winter 24 update called “Foundations”, with more than 100 new product updates. This marks a significant step towards establishing a robust framework to entice and accommodate a broader spectrum of businesses. One of the most anticipated features is the combined listing product feature.

This innovative feature offers the ability to amalgamate products featuring diverse colors or styles into a singular, streamlined product listing. It’s important to note, however, that this cutting-edge feature is exclusively accessible to Shopify Plus customers. For those not currently subscribed to the Plus plan, there’s no cause for concern, as alternative options are readily available through various Shopify apps that emulate this functionality.

This article aims to guide and inform, presenting a curated list of analogous applications capable of seamlessly replacing the Combine Listing feature. Stay tuned to discover how your e-commerce endeavors can benefit from these innovative alternatives.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps to alternative the combined listings app in 2024:

1. Swatch King: Combined Listings

This app helps optimize your product listings by seamlessly integrating variant options such as colors and materials, elevating the customer experience for increased conversions. It crafts SEO-friendly listings with distinct URLs, enhancing marketing and analytics efficacy. Sync individual variant listings effortlessly with Facebook and Google Shopping Feeds, as well as Amazon Sales Channels, for streamlined multi-platform management. Present variants distinctly on Collection pages to facilitate precise search and filtering functionalities. Elevate the shopping experience with features like a dynamic Color Swatch Slider, Variants paired with prices, and Variant Image Swatches. Ensure seamless navigation with options like hiding out-of-stock items and implementing a confirmatory size selection process. Streamline your product presentation for optimal engagement and conversion rates, empowering your online retail presence with enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Pricing: Free plan available. 30-day free trial.


  • Combined Product Variations Listings for a Higher Converting Customer Experience
  • Extensive library: Color Swatch, Buttons, Variants with Price, Dropdowns & more
  • Show Variants on the Collections Page. Add Sizes, Color Swatches on Collections Page
  • Hide Out of Stock, Confirm Size Selection, Add 100+ Variants, Low Stock Alert…
  • Bulk upload Swatches & Groups with CSV & API, Shopify Markets support


Swatch King: Combined Listings

2. Platmart Color Swatches

Platmart Color Swatches is the ultimate solution for seamlessly categorizing products based on colors or styles using sophisticated swatch options. Whether it’s a single-color, two-color, custom image, product image, or text pill, this platform offers diverse swatch choices to meet your unique needs. Effortlessly manage product groups through manual or automatic processes, with swatch data stored in meta fields and seamlessly loaded directly from Liquid. Enjoy instantaneous swatch loading without any compromise on your product page’s speed, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience for your customers. Compatible with all theme types and seamlessly integrated with headless shops, this app promises unparalleled versatility and performance for your online retail endeavors. Elevate your product presentation with Platmart Color Swatches and unlock a new level of sophistication in product categorization and presentation.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • Use separate products for each color/style and link them with swatches.
  • Create single-color, two-color, custom images, product images, or pill swatches.
  • Manage product groups manually, via CSV, via API, or using collections.
  • Auto-hide inactive products from swatches and remove archived products.
  • Customize swatch labels, shapes, and sizes in app settings. Or add custom CSS.


Platmart Color Swatches

3. groupmate Combined Listings

Seeking dedicated product pages for your variants? This is your solution. This app streamlines the management of your product groups and seamlessly integrates them into your theme, ensuring effortless navigation for your customers without compromising page speed. As an added benefit, this app offers an optional ‘barebone’ version, empowering your development team to customize swatches to align with your unique needs and style guide. Additionally, they can innovate by incorporating new functionalities atop this platform. Elevate your online retail experience with this app and unlock unparalleled flexibility and customization options for your variant management needs.

Pricing: Free plan available


  • Like the “Shopify Combined Listings” App, already available for everyone
  • Comes with different swatch styles (color, button, and image)
  • Simple, non-intrusive integration in your Online Store 2.0 theme
  • Doesn’t affect your page speed


groupmate Combined Listings

4. Variant Image Wizard + Swatch

Variant Wizard is your gateway to effortless customization of variant presentations on your product pages. This sophisticated swatch configurator empowers you to tailor product options to perfection, effectively highlighting your diverse offerings. With an elegant drag-and-drop interface, you can seamlessly configure multiple images per variant, streamlining your product pages for a clutter-free browsing experience. Say goodbye to returns as Variant Wizard ensures customers select the correct product variant, enhancing satisfaction and minimizing logistical challenges. Elevate your online retail presence with Variant Wizard and unlock unparalleled control over variant presentation to captivate your audience and drive sales.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • Variant images: show only the relevant product images for the selected variant
  • Customize product options such as image and color swatch, buttons, and dropdowns
  • Add tooltips, titles, subtitles, alerts, etc. to your product options
  • Easily link products together with our Group Products as Swatches feature
  • Compatible with videos, and 3D models, and supports a wide variety of themes


Variant Image Wizard + Swatch

5. Vario ‑ Variation Swatches

Vario – Variation Swatches by SeedGrow – revolutionizing the way your customers select product variants. With intuitive features like color swatches, image swatches, buttons, and more, browsing becomes effortless. Customize swatch styles effortlessly by selecting shapes (round/square), button colors, custom borders, hover tooltips, and more, ensuring a tailored experience for your brand. The setup interface offers a sleek preview panel alongside comprehensive settings, facilitating seamless implementation. Exclusive features include readily available color codes and hover functionality for enlarged image thumbnails, enhancing the browsing experience. Elevate your online store today with Vario – Variation Swatches by SeedGrow, and empower your customers with an intuitive and visually appealing variant selection process.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • 80+ Shopify official themes and custom themes supported.
  • Design the swatches with built-in options like style, border, tooltip, etc.
  • Hover on the swatches to see variant titles, image thumbnails, zoom effects, etc.
  • Show awesome color and image swatches on the product page/collection page.
  • Streamline the number of swatches on the collection page to fit the column grid.


Vario ‑ Variation Swatches

6. ITORIS Easy Color Swatches

This app aims to transform conventional product variant options, typically displayed as dropdown menus, into sleek and visually engaging color swatches, image swatches, or text swatches. Effortlessly generate swatches for all products in bulk or selectively for specific items, enhancing customization possibilities. Tailor the design of your swatches to perfection, including options to customize their shape, size, and overall appearance, ensuring seamless integration with your brand aesthetic. Upgrade your product variant display effortlessly and elevate the shopping experience for your customers with this intuitive and customizable swatch solution.

Pricing: $5.99/month. 7-day free trial.


  • Swatch types: Text swatches, Color swatches, Multicolor swatches, Image swatches
  • Create swatches globally for all products, or specific products individually
  • Various swatch shapes and sizes, fully customizable design of swatches


ITORIS Easy Color Swatches

7. GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image

Enhance your product presentation with stunning images and color swatches, dropdowns, or buttons tailored to perfection by this great app. This platform enables exclusive customization of button, image swatch, and color swatch options, both on the Product list page and Product page, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing display. Seamlessly assign product images to specific product options by effortlessly sorting through your product image gallery. When customers select an option, they are presented with a curated list of related images for a comprehensive shopping experience. Moreover, effortlessly showcase variants on collection pages, and rest assured, this app seamlessly integrates with all search and filter apps, guaranteeing compatibility and a seamless user experience across your entire platform. Elevate your product presentation effortlessly and captivate your audience with this versatile and intuitive solution.

Pricing: Free plan available. 7-day free trial.


  • Automated variant image swatch
  • Support many optional types: Color swatch, image swatch, button, dropdown & more
  • Color swatch & image swatch anywhere(home page, collection page, search page)
  • Upload custom images and color swatches in bulk in a snap of time.
  • Hide out of stock; low stock alert; multi-language support


GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image


In conclusion, exploring alternative Shopify apps to replace the Combined Listings App presents a wealth of opportunities for merchants to enhance their e-commerce operations. By leveraging specialized tools tailored to specific needs such as inventory management, multi-channel selling, or advanced analytics, businesses can streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and ultimately drive growth. Whether it’s optimizing product listings, synchronizing inventory across platforms, or gaining deeper insights into sales performance, the diverse range of Shopify apps available empowers merchants to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital marketplace. It’s essential for businesses to carefully assess their requirements and select the most suitable apps to maximize efficiency and unlock their full potential in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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