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Whether it’s signed or alternate album art, ticket stubs, or concert posters, fans are supporting the artists they love in the digital world. NFTs unlock a new world of creative possibilities and should be sold directly just like any piece of merchandise.

Shopify supports you in selling NFTs on their platform. If you want your store selling NFT products to become more professional, you can check out the Shopify apps below.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps support to sell NFTs in 2022:

1. Lit Token Access

Lit Token Access is the most secure way to add token-gating based on wallet holdings to your Shopify store.

Powered by Lit Protocol, the access control condition builder allows you to specify exactly who should be able to purchase items in your store or receive discounts. Lit Token Access only recognizes real-time, verified wallet contents.

The access control app includes:

  • Individual wallet access
  • Access based on a group of tokens
  • Access based on a group of NFTs
  • Access for specific DAO members
  • Access for specific POAP owners
  • Easy search tools to find any NFT, POAP, or token
  • AND/OR logic for you to build advanced permissions
  • The ability to review your specified conditions before saving them
  • The ability to delete conditions and revoke access
  • The ability to customize the theme to fit your store’s look and feel

Because Lit Protocol uses a decentralized access control network, you maintain exclusive control over your discounts and product drops. This means even the app owner can’t purchase the gated product without the correct token.


2. Single ‑ NFTs, Music & Video

This Shopify app is user-friendly for artists to easily set up NFT releases, while first-time NFT purchasers will benefit from a familiar Shopify checkout system and a guided redemption process.

With this app, you can integrate existing Shopify with platforms like Spotify and Tiktok, along with the best-in-class point-of-sale hardware, providing a wider promotional reach for your online and in-person storefronts.


3. Verisart

Verisart is the leading provider of blockchain certification for physical and digital creations. A Verisart certificate provides security, protects against fraud, and helps strengthen an artist’s market. Each certificate includes images and details of the creation or product together with a timestamp, QR code, URL, and blockchain record.


4. Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation

This Shopify integration enables you to pick from your Shopify Products list to quickly build the NFT utility and deploy – No coding required.

Using Taco, all you have to do is sign up and in 3 steps you can deploy your NFT-based loyalty reward program.

  • Upload your NFT creatives: Images and/or Animations
  • Add the triggers for segmentation: Total Spend, Product Purchases, etc
  • Select the benefits: Unlocks special holder-only products & pricing.

This app takes care of deploying smart contracts, creating the NFT, notifying customers that they can claim their reward, airdropping without consumers paying gas fees, and locking products that will unlock with the selected NFTs.


5. Flooz Superkeys ‑ NFT lock

Flooz Superkeys empowers you to lock any product, collection, page, or blog behind any NFT or any token.

It’s a native Shopify app, ridiculously easy to set up, and does not require any coding skills. Here’s how it works:

  • Install the App
  • Create a new SuperKey (aka Lock)
  • Define lock details (contract address, select blockchain)
  • Brand it – upload your logo and select a light or dark theme
  • Select any product, collection, page, or blog you want to gate
  • Hit publish and that’s it

This app supports the following blockchains: Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon and is adding new chains constantly.


6. AlphaSprouts NFT Power‑Ups

This Shopify app helps you maximize these affinities by offering discounts to specific NFT audiences of your choice. It lets you choose exactly which NFT communities you want to offer discounts to. Not an approximate audience or a lookalike audience. So, you can reach a cohesive, new-to-you audience without worrying about promo codes being shared all over the web.


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