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In the context of a Shopify store, the footer is the area at the bottom of the store’s webpage that typically contains links to important pages and information. The footer is a useful way to provide visitors with access to important information about the store, such as the store’s policies, contact information, and other helpful resources. The footer is typically displayed on every page of the store’s website, making it a convenient way for visitors to access important information regardless of where they are on the site. So what elements should be integrated into the footer so that your website provides complete information and creates trust for customers? Please refer to the following article.

The following apps will make your footer look more professional:

1. Social Bar: Social Media Icons

Add social media icons of popular social media networks to your store and increase social proof.

Social Bar allows you to add multiple social media icons to your store and send customers to your social media profiles. By using this feature, you can show customers that your store has social media presence on other popular social media like Facebook and Instagram can increase social proof & improve conversion rate. The app is customizable & supports 50+ social media networks, including eBay, Discord, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Line, Spotify, NFT, Etsy, Tumblr, WeChat, Patreon, Tik Tok, OnlyFans, SoundCloud & more. You can control the social bar’s size, and position like on the page or footer


2. Custom Payment Icons

With this app, you can easily manage payment icons in your Shopify Store. These icons will help customers know the acceptable forms of payment on your website to make the shopping process faster. Add or remove icons, and change their properties like size or color. You can adjust icon positions, and apply templates available for each Shopify Theme. Choose from 500+ predefined icons, such as VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Apple & Google & Amazon Pay, Discover, Maestro, Klarna, JCB, iDEAL and more! The app is easy to install and user-friendly in use, no technical knowledge is necessary. This app includes excellent support with 24h response time.


3. Logo showcase ‑ Display logos

The Logo showcase Display logos app from Shopify can assist you in displaying the logos of your customers, sponsors, and supporters on your website. This feature makes it simple to display Press/People logos that mention your brand on your homepage. By displaying logos, you can establish your credibility as a partner and foster a favorable perception of your brand. Your website will look more credible and professional after setup.


4. Sitemapper Sitemap Generator

Generate a sitemap page for your store, improve SEO, and help customers to find your products.

A big reason why store visitors leave without purchasing is simply that they can’t find what they’re looking for. Sitemapper eliminates this issue by creating a sitemap page containing all the products you’re selling – so shoppers can easily find (and buy) your products. It links to all your products and pages. This makes your store’s structure “flatter”, which search engines love. They will read this sitemap and index your pages, so your store will appear in all relevant search engine results. Therefore, displaying the sitemap at the bottom of the page will bring more convenience to customers


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