The best Shopify apps help to bulk edit products

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Shopify allows to bulk edit products but you only can bulk edit for SKUs, prices. If you want more, you must to use a Shopify app from 3rd party. There are the best Shopify apps, that help to bulk edit products. In addition, some of these app also support scheduling to automatically update data via time.

  1. Bulk Product Editor & Sync
  2. Bulk Product Edit & CSV import
  3. CustomEdit
  4. Simple Bulk Price Editor
  5. JITBU: Bulk edit products
  6. Bulk Price Editor by Buymaxx
  7. Shoptopus ‑ Bulk Product Edit
  8. Bulk Products Editor
  9. Bulk Edit by Webyze

1. Bulk Product Editor & Sync

Instead of manually editing your products this app offers four ways to save you hours of work:

  • You can filter for products you want to edit and then modify them in one go
  • You can upload a spreadsheet with just the values you want changed
  • You can set up recurring edits to run at fixed intervals
  • You can create products from a spreadsheet or export product fields to a spreadsheet

This app will then process the products for you, allowing you to reclaim precious time in your day

2. Bulk Product Edit & CSV import

You can filter products/variants to edit by collection, product type, vendor, tags, title, description, created time or any combination of these. You also preview which products are going to be edited based on your filters

All product/variant details can be bulk edited. Such as price, compared price, cost, tags, title, description, vendor, product type, weight, inventory, description, SKU, barcode, Google Shopping fields, sales channels, collection, Metafields, HS code, etc.

3. CustomEdit

This app is all about simplifying the management of your products and their prices. It allows you to easily filter products or collections while providing flexibility on how you want to customize your price changes.

The application works by doing the following:

  • Select Products By default the app will display all products, but you can easily choose collections or filter for specific products
  • Change Prices The price change parameters allow you to specify the precision of your rounding as well as the percentage (%) change for your bulk editing. Before being saved, all price modifications are displayed and you can manually edit individual products.
  • Save Changes Once price edits are satisfactory, just save all your changes and CustomEdit will handle the rest

This app is intended to help you manage your pricing and simplify product management. If you found this product helpful or have any suggestions and improvements we are always open to feedback.

4. Simple Bulk Price Editor

This app was created to provide a tool that allows users to update the prices of their products in bulk. It allows you to make changes easily, while still providing the flexibility you need to customize your price changes and apply them to a distinct selection of products.

To get started with using the app, there are only three steps you must follow.

  • Filter Products: Filtering products is how you narrow down a selection of products that you want to choose from. There are several different filters to choose from, such as text matching and price comparison
  • Select Products: Once you have filtered your products, you can now select the individual products you wish to apply changes to. For every product you select, there is a preview section where you can see which products are selected.
  • Schedule a Price Change Job: Now that you have selected all your products, you then determine when you want your price changes to be applied, and for how long. Additionally, you will define how you want to change the price, such as decreasing or increasing the price of the selected products. Once you are comfortable with your changes, you simply press a button and the job is created!

There is also a page where you can monitor the status of your jobs, so you can see when the price changes are scheduled to be applied and when they are actually applied.

5. JITBU: Bulk edit products

JITBU allows you to bulk edit all products or specific products by adding filters to a task. You can then add multiple fields to be edited in a single task.


  • Discount price by percentage. e.g., 10% or 25% discount for specific products based on the filters.
  • Filter products to edit by collection, description, product type, price, quantity and many more. You can also apply multiple filters to specify the products to edit.
  • Most product details can be bulk edited. Such as description, product type, tags, title, cost, price and vendor.
  • Multiple edits for each task, making it less hassle creating multiple tasks for a single event.
  • Schedule tasks to bulk edit products on a specific date or time according to the event.
  • Adding attributes to the fields
  • After your campaign is complete, you can rollback the changes back to the original price, title or such.

6. Bulk Price Editor by Buymaxx

Bulk Price Editor is an application that is absolute must-have for every salesperson. It helps you to save time on editing prices for a large number of goods, taking into account their options, stock volumes, or specific features.

7. Shoptopus ‑ Bulk Product Edit

Shoptopus – Bulk Product Edit is a simple and powerful application to manage your Shopify store’s recurring tasks and bulk actions. It gives you the ability to do more in your business, connect with your customers, be productive and keep growing.

You can use Shoptopus – Bulk Product Edit without leaving your Shopify dashboard. It just allows you to create IF and THEN jobs with pre-defined functionalities to bulk edit your products. You can use Shoptopus – Bulk Product Edit with confidence. If you take actions by mistake or just changed your mind, you can revert your action to its previous state with one click.

It is not just another bulk product editor for your store, it is a continuously developed product information manager designed for Shopify.

8. Bulk Products Editor

This app allows you to change absolutely all product parameters and product variants on one page. The app doesn’t require any manual modifications of your theme during the installation or app usage.

9. Bulk Edit by Webyze

Bulk Edit is the Shopify app every store owner should start using. It lets you save time by letting you edit hundreds of products in few clicks! It is very easy to use and the UI is very User Friendly.

It lets you focus more on the products and less on editing prices, making bulk discounts…

It lets you change different products or variant properties in few clicks. You can add or remove products from collections, add 10$ in the price of different variants, make bulk discounts…

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