Top 7+ SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps For Shopify

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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, a significant challenge that online retailers face is abandoned shopping carts. These digital window shoppers add items to their coaches, leaving them behind without completing the purchase. However, in this era of innovation, Shopify store owners have a powerful ally in their quest to recover these abandoned carts – SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery apps.

In this dynamic landscape, we delve into the top 7+ SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery apps specifically designed for Shopify. This curated selection of applications harnesses the potential of SMS marketing to re-engage prospective customers who have abandoned their carts. By sending timely and personalized text messages, these apps aim to recapture the attention of potential buyers, enticing them back to the checkout process and boosting conversion rates. Join us as we explore these cutting-edge tools’ features, functionalities, and benefits, empowering Shopify merchants to optimize their recovery strategies and reclaim revenue that might otherwise have been lost to abandoned carts.

The top 7+ SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery apps for Shopify will be listed here:

1. SMS Abandoned Recovery Master

This sophisticated application excels in its prowess to diligently recover abandoned carts through strategically timed follow-ups. Seamlessly augmenting your cart recovery efforts, this app functions as a refined assistant in this endeavor.

The operational mechanics are elegantly straightforward: swift installation and rapid configuration. Once integrated, the application springs into action. When a potential customer assembles a selection within their cart and then departs during the checkout phase, our app promptly dispatches a meticulously crafted cart recovery SMS to the designated mobile number.

The sophistication of this app reveals itself further when a transaction remains unfinished. In such instances, the application orchestrates the delivery of a third, strategic recovery SMS to the designated phone number, ingeniously reigniting the customer’s interest.

An additional dimension of efficacy lies within your purview: the discretionary activation of automatic discounts. This feature proves instrumental in incentivizing prospective buyers, augmenting the allure of their shopping experience. Experience the finesse of streamlined cart recovery, amplified by the dexterity of automated discounts, all facilitated by this app.


  • This app helps in the recovery of abandoned carts by reminding them to follow
  • An easy to install and easy to set up. Let this app do background work while you
  • This app supports more than 20 local telecom operators’ integrations.


2. FX Abandoned Cart Recovery SMS

Advanced Cart Recovery solution that transforms a store’s lost revenue into conversions.

Key Features of Abandoned Cart Recovery: Seamlessly set up email templates without requiring any coding, and implement automated email workflows effortlessly – no dependency on developers required. The application operates instantaneously, commencing immediate functionality. Initiate a decrease in abandoned carts using the power of email communication.

The rationale behind Opting for Abandoned Cart Recovery: The robust system guarantees timely and sophisticated email deliveries. Backed by over a decade of experience, expertise resonates in every aspect of the operation.

Pricing: Free plan available

Rating: 5.0


  • Start tracking and targeting abandoned carts in a few minutes.
  • No coding is needed to start recovering abandoned checkout with Email & SMS
  • Give abandoned carts a little nudge and turn them into paying customers


3. LiveRecover SMS Cart Recovery

Elevate your conversion strategy through artful communication that transforms abandoned carts into successful transactions.

LiveRecover empowers you with a comprehensive suite of resources meticulously designed to amplify your revenue streams, elevate Average Order Value (AOV), and augment conversion rates, all orchestrated through the exquisite medium of SMS. The team of live agents adeptly rejuvenates your customers’ forsaken carts by means of bespoke engagement. Seamlessly harmonize with your store’s infrastructure within minutes, and savor the invaluable Return on Investment (ROI) arising from genuine human interactions enriching your customer interactions. Irrespective of whether you are an esteemed Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) enterprise or an emerging entrepreneurial venture, these meticulously tailored options cater to every echelon of the enterprise.

Pricing: From $9/month. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.4


  • Live agents engage in real-time SMS conversations with your customers.
  • Configure workflow triggered by abandoned carts with custom conditions.
  • Use existing FAQs to populate your Knowledge Base to inform agents.
  • Unique one-time discount codes are generated for each customer.
  • Access Insights and dive into performance metrics.


4. SMSGo: Abandoned Cart Recovery

A comprehensive and integrated solution encompassing SMS Marketing, Order Notifications, Cart Recovery, and SMS Upselling functionalities.

Effectuate the revival of abandoned carts with precision through tactically timed SMS alerts. Infuse value by seamlessly incorporating discount codes and enticing deals, thus resuscitating lost sales opportunities. The Abandonment Protector, a formidable tool at your disposal, facilitates the resumption of cart journeys at no additional cost.

Forge compelling post-purchase Upsell pathways characterized by automated SMS sequences, strategically designed to amplify customer engagement. Skillfully re-engage dormant clientele through the art of customer win-back, employing the strategic distribution of coupon codes.

Harness the efficacy of personalized, one-on-one SMS interactions with your esteemed customers, fostering both sales closures and the invaluable acquisition of insights through feedback collection.

Pricing: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.9


  • Send automated cart recovery SMS to customers who have abandoned checkout
  • Set up multiple abandonment protector SMS notifications with automatic discounts
  • Create powerful SMS Marketing flows with targeted customer segmentation
  • Configure short URLs for abandoned carts with your own domain
  • Use a custom SMS sender ID for abandonment checkout notifications.


5. SMS Abandoned Cart ✦ CartBoss

Elevate your sales potential by adeptly salvaging abandoned carts through meticulously crafted and translated text message interventions.

Revive relinquished sales, foster heightened customer loyalty, and curtail inventory wastage through the strategic utilization of SMS. Embark upon a swift transformation within a mere span of 5 minutes, initiating the deployment of the SMS abandoned cart solution to seamlessly accomplish these objectives. All this can be achieved devoid of concerns surrounding message composition, linguistic translations, or the intricate setup of discount mechanisms. The intuitively designed platform seamlessly integrates into your operational framework, effortlessly identifying the recipient’s language and spontaneously generating discounts, thereby ensuring a seamless and efficient experience from the outset.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 5.0


  • Effortlessly send translated messages with the pre-prepared text feature.
  • Automatic recipient language detection for seamless communication.
  • Maximize customer loyalty and increase sales with special offers and discounts.
  • Simplify checkout by auto-filling required fields for customers.
  • Complies with GDPR regulations for data protection.


6. Recapture Abandoned Carts

Unparalleled Abandoned Cart Resurgence, accompanied by post-purchase electronic correspondences, augmented by SMS reinforcement, and an unrivaled simplicity in establishment.

Introducing Recapture: The quintessential Shopify application tailored for the reclamation of abandoned carts and the orchestration of email marketing endeavors within your Shopify emporium. A substantial history of resuscitated sales across analogous retail establishments substantiates the prowess in this domain.

Nevertheless, the expanse transcends the confines of abandoned cart recuperation. This app orchestrates symphonies of post-purchase email interactions encompassing requests for reviews, ventures into upselling, inaugural welcoming sequences, as well as enlightening discourses. The spectrum of these capabilities extends further to encompass dynamic broadcasts, SMS alerts, and the facilitation of email list augmentation through methodically curated pop-up engagements.

Elevate the inherent value of your patronage sans the need to navigate intricate workflows or labyrinthine setup protocols. It is noteworthy that we now incorporate the realms of SMS integration and broadcast email functionalities, thus reinforcing the depth of this service offering.

Pricing: Free plan available. 15-day free trial.

Rating: 5.0


  • Boost the average store’s revenue by double-digit percent
  • All SMS + emails come pre-configured, with best practices baked in.
  • Famous 5-minute setup and installation. You’ll be up and running quickly!
  • Post-purchase emails, winbacks, and order notifications are supported.
  • Send promotional emails or use SMS for cart recovery, too!


7. Retrevo SMS Cart Recovery

Efficiently reclaim forsaken shopping carts through cost-effective, meticulously automated SMS communications.

Unveil a robust abandoned cart recovery solution meticulously crafted for Shopify merchants, designed to rekindle relinquished revenue streams. Streamline the intricate task of dispatching SMS messages to clientele who have navigated away from their purchases, amplifying the probability of finalized transactions. The system seamlessly integrates into operations and swiftly commences functionality. Moreover, it encompasses comprehensive performance analytics, offering profound insights into sales dynamics. Augmented with live chat support, our assistance is at your disposal whenever you seek guidance.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.


  • Effortless setup: Quick & easy installation with pre-built templates.
  • Instant insights: Real-time performance dashboard for analytics on performance
  • Increase sales with abandoned cart SMS text messages, discounts, and automation
  • Automatically applied discounts on the checkout page for returning customers



This exploration of the top 7+ SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery apps has illuminated a transformative path forward. These sophisticated tools, each a beacon of innovation, bridge the gap between lost potential and regained revenue. Seamlessly integrating SMS communication, they empower merchants to rekindle connections, nudging hesitant customers back to their intended purchases. From automated reminders to personalized post-purchase sequences, these apps exemplify the art of conversion optimization. With insightful analytics at merchants’ fingertips, a deeper understanding of customer behavior emerges, guiding strategic decisions. As we conclude, these apps stand as sentinels of opportunity, reminding us that every abandoned cart is a chance for revival, loyalty, and growth in the captivating world of online commerce.

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