Top 3+ Quick Order Apps For Shopify

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If you’re looking for quick order apps on Shopify, this article is sure to be helpful for you. These apps have emerged one after another to streamline the ordering process for customers and boost conversion rates. This article will provide an overview of each app to help you easily select the one that best fits your store. Thanks to these fantastic apps, not only can you achieve business results, but you can also keep customers engaged with the excellent experiences you provide them. Let’s dive into the article.

The best quick order apps for Shopify in 2024

The best quick order apps on Shopify in 2024 will be listed here:

1. Quik ‑ Quick / Bulk Order Page

Quik ‑ Quick / Bulk Order Page is an app that helps you create a page for customers to add products to their cart quickly without going to each product.

With Quik – Quick Order Page app, your customers can easily access your entire product catalog on a single-page order form. They can quickly add multiple products directly to their cart, search for products, and filter products based on collection. Even better, you can add this full-featured quick-order solution to any of your Shopify websites. This is one of the apps worth trying if you want your ordering process to go faster.

Pricing: $2/month. Free trial available.


  • One page for Quick order
  • Two layouts to choose from.
  • Browse products from the collection.
  • Search By Name, SKU, or Tag
  • Infinite loading


Quick Order Apps On Shopify

2. Orderbazi : Quick Order

Orderbazi app helps choose all products on one page with wholesale prices to increase sales by quick and easy solution.

This is a simple way to order various products in a few seconds. Just go to Quick Shop Page, choose products, and quantity, and click on the order button to add the group of products to the shopping basket. This app is best for wholesale buyers. It includes product previews such as product name; image etc. to enhance the user experience as a full-featured solution. Install the app now to your store to explore more options in the app backend.

Pricing: $9.99/month. Free trial available.


  • Help your customers get the list of products on one page and choose
  • Wholesale price support as well for wholesale customers
  • Bulk order form to put all the products in a form and add them to the cart at once


Quick Order Apps On Shopify

3. InstaBuy Quick Order Forms

InstaBuy Quick Order Forms is the best way to help your customers add products to their cart in moments.

This app can help regular customers speed through the ordering process, deliver improved conversion rates on product pages, or create delightful wholesale experiences. Your customers can add any product from your store — or just the products and collections you select — without leaving the page. And responsive, Shopify-native search lets them find exactly what they’re looking for. Install this app now to get the benefits that it brings.

Pricing: $7.99/month. Free trial available.


  • Embed quick order forms anywhere in your store
  • Works beautifully on mobile, tablets, and desktop
  • Let wholesale customers quickly order products from your entire inventory
  • Powerful, fast product search with result highlighting built right into the form
  • Works with your existing theme, and uses your styling and fonts automatically


Quick Order Apps On Shopify


The Shopify Quick Order apps listed in this article will be the perfect solution for stores looking to maximize conversion rates.

Besides providing a quick ordering process for customer convenience, these great apps also create truly enjoyable wholesale experiences. What’s more, these apps work with your existing theme and automatically use styles and fonts so you can easily personalize your store. With just one click, you can make your sales dreams come true. What are you waiting for?

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