The Top Shopify Apps For a Gifting Program

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Here are the few Shopify apps which can help you to get more revenue by gifting programs.

Free Gifts by Secomapp: Boost your sales with multiple offers

A powerful tool for multiple offers to boost sales and conversion rates. Free Gifts app provides you with a set of solutions from easy to complicated offers about giving gifts, discounts, up-selling, and cross-selling to customers on Shopify, seasonally or whole year-round.

Your shop will be more vibrant and lively, always on the vibe of the special holidays to take full advantage of crazy sales seasons.

Customers will prefer surfing your site and staying for a while to discover all the surprising deals that you treat them compared with other shops with nothing to give.


Retentio ‑ Sales Increaser: Get extra sales from your thank you page

With Retentio app, you may increase repeat sales on your store with 100% of your customers by offering them a discount coupon on thank you page. It instantly pursue them to repeated purchase by creating urgency.

The philosophy behind the Retentio app is very simple yet powerful. When a customer reaches the end of your sales funnel, the order confirmation page, Retentio displays a beautifully designed offer widget with a discount coupon and a countdown timer. It creates urgency and helps your customer to decide on the repeated purchase.

Additionally, Retentio app comes with an interactive countdown timer. It is fully customizable and configurable from the dashboard. The design is fully responsive and looks great on all the devices. This feature helps to create urgency and better user engagement.


Gift Cards, Loyalty & Rewards: Gift Card Solutions, Loyalty and Rewards, Store Credit

GiftWizard – Shopify Gift Card App provide your repeat customer a discount on their next purchase. Shopify Gift Card service is very basic. Its gift cards are significantly different than advanced gift card systems in many ways:

  • It can’t be sent straight to the gift recipients and it won’t the customer offer flexible design options.
  • Shopify Gift Cards won’t include animation and greeting cards to enhance the gift recipient’s experience.
  • Shopify Gift Cards don’t support Gift Card Campaigns. On other systems, Bulk Gift Cards help merchants to power customers’ loyalty and incentivize consumer behaviors.
  • Shopify won’t help stores to build an Omni-Channel Gift Card program.
  • It is also not trivial to incentivize gift card purchases by offering sales and discounts (sell a $100 value card for $85, or offer a free $10 gift card with the purchase of a $100 gift card), or BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals.


Gift On Order by Webkul: Surprise your Customers, Add Gifts to Orders

Gift On Order will enable you to assign free Gifts with the order, as per the rules defined. In this app assign free gifts to order exceeding a set amount and much more.

  • Admin can create various gift products.
  • Admin will set the value of the order, exceeding which the gift will get assigned.
  • The gift product will be automatically added to the cart of the buyer.
  • Buyers can also choose from the range of free gifts available.
  • All the rules for gifts related to order value will be decided by the Admin or the store owner.


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  1. Casey Havenor says:

    Best gift card app. Check this out as this is what I use.

    Automatically create bulk gift cards from your Shopify admin portal. Exports to CSV. Works for all Shopify plan saving you money and time.

    ✓ Automates Creation
    ✓ Make Multiple Cards
    ✓ Set Gift Card Amount
    ✓ Export Gift Cards to CSV

    ✓ Basic Shopify
    ✓ Shopify
    ✓ Advanced Shopify
    ✓ Chrome Browser

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