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More and more consumers expect retailers to offer an AR shopping experience. Viewing products as 3D models are proven to increase engagement and conversion rates. 71% of shoppers would visit an online store more often if it offered AR. It also set yourself apart from competitors by adding a new layer of interaction in your storefront

If you have an online store on the Shopify platform you can refer to this article to choose the right app to help you deploy the 3D/AR feature for your online store.

Here are the best Shopify 3D & AR Apps in 2023:

1. 3V ‑ 3D, VR, 360 & Animation

This app does it all, 3D with animated text, 3D with 360 spin logos, AR product filters for Instagram and VR tours!

Virtual reality tours are a must-have for all physical businesses! What makes the VR tours different from the rest is we offer a highly interactive 360 panoramic with hot spot technology. This app can add text, images, CTA buttons, URL links, attach a file, video, audio file, email collector, contact via email or phone, and maps to your VR tour a truly customized virtual reality experience. It has helped restaurants, retail stores, salons, hotels, art museums, clubs, studios, agencies, offices, and many more businesses bring their space to life!

And that’s not all, let’s bring your logo to life with stunning 3D and animation effects. The work is created by hand by a talented team of graphic designers and finished within 1-3 days from confirmation. You will receive the master file in .gif format which can be uploaded to the widget or used anywhere you desire.

Tailor-made to look great Out of the box this app can create a beautiful 3D and animated text for your shop but feel free to customize the look and feel. Lots of features can be adjusted to your preference, such as display text, color pallet, 3D with shadow effects, prize winnings, and choose between 5 different animation types.


2. Angle 3D Configurator ‑3D & AR

The app will allow you to create and display a 3D product customization experience for your customers. It will allow them to customize your products in 3D with photorealistic details, and fully engage.

Tailor-made to look great Out of the box this app can create a beautiful 3D and animated text for your shop but feel free to customize the look and feel. Lots of features can be adjusted to your preference, such as display text, color pallet, 3D with shadow effects, prize winnings, and choose between 5 different animation types.


3. AR & 3D Product Viewer

levAR is the only platform in the world that lets businesses of all sizes create and leverage digital versions of their product assortment. Power breakthrough shopping experiences that empower your customers’ buying decisions while increasing your bottom line with levAR.

levAR lets you quickly add a 3D Product Viewer with mobile Augmented Reality to any product page in under five clicks. Your customers will be able to view your products in a world-class 3D viewer, giving them perspective not possible with regular product images or video. On mobile (iOS & Android!), your customers can view your product right in their own space, reducing the imagination gap between what a customer sees online vs. what ships to their doorstep.


4. 3D/AR Product Visualisation

This app empowers customers to visualize your products in their environment or on their bodies with augmented reality. The 3D and AR embed virtual-try-on unit for e-commerce can be integrated into your Shopify website simply and quickly.

  • Virtual try-on: Enable customers to try-before-you-buy your products on their face and body before purchase.
  • Product visualization: Allow customers to visualize products in their environment, from furniture to cars.

This app takes your existing brand assets and turns them into 3D renderings. It adds your 3D assets into the Product Visualisation unit. This makes it easy for you to manage your assets and catalog through the Content Management System (CMS)


5. StyleFit 3D Configuration & AR

StyleFit unifies 3D configuration, photorealistic 2D images with Virtual Photographer, and Augmented Reality (AR) so your customers can easily spin, view, build, and customize your products to their specifications in real-time.

StyleFit makes product visualization easy. Once your products are loaded into the system, this app does the heavy lifting—rendering images, deploying AR, and keeping your visuals accessible and organized on the content management system.

Whether you work with complex products like custom furniture solutions or more simple pieces like bar stools, StyleFit makes it easy to enhance your customer experience by providing them with real-time modifications to both product and price simultaneously. Customers love building their own personalized products with the interactive Shopify product customizer.


6. Sayduck 3D & AR Configurator

With Sayduck 3D Configurator you can easily integrate your configurable 3D products from Sayduck Platform to your Shopify store, allowing your customers to customize, visualize, and check out their selection in real-time.

The 3D product creation is easy in the Sayduck Platform. You only need to load your 3D models into the system and start building.

Sayduck aims to enhance the shopping experience with seamless transactions from product customization to check-out by adjusting the price and availability of the product based on the selected configurations.


7. ARitize3D

ARitize 3D is your one-stop-shop AR solution with automated 3D model creation at an unbeatable price. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will turn your existing 2D product images into high-quality 3D and Augmented Reality experiences. It’s fast, it’s easy and it will transform your Shopify website!

3D content creation is included in monthly hosting fees. The AI-powered platform is a game-changer!


8. 3D & Augmented Reality

This app helps you to seamlessly embed 3D and AR experiences on your storefront so that customers feel more confident and empowered in their purchasing decisions. Key features include:

  • A convenient interface for requesting and seeing the status of 3D assets for each of your products.
  • Automatic 3D/AR embed injection on product detail pages – no theme editing required.
  • The ability to customize the embed to match your theme.


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